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Season 2 when?
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>there's an uglier pufferfish than the one in the OpenBSD logo
this coming winter season, have you been living under a rock or something anon
I predict a massive retcon; a major change in the setting itself so CLAMP doesn't have to explain the various plot holes in CCS's ending.

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This is Riko Ichinose. She was once a famous super model but now lives the quiet life of a house wife and caretaker to her little sister.

Say something nice about her, /a/!
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She's gorgeous.
Screw you mom!!!

Riko is not your Mommy, anon.

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Where are her parents?
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They realized what a shit of a girl they created and killed themselves.
Murdered by sharks.
Where are yours?

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What do you want to be when you grow up ?
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I just want to learn to love myself.
A cute loli.

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Given the fact that "she" is actually a guy in Aztec Mythology and raped his sister, she probably is.
All of them.

I just started watching this, but I don't think that I can make it.
Has there ever been a character worse than this cunt? Just unlikable in every concievable way.
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She's great
Literally every other character in this show is a worse person than her, so you may as well drop it
Best girl though.

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I read Fuuka. Caught up. Waiting for 153.
Then I learned about Suzuka. So i read all of that.
Seo knows how to keep you hooked.

What else does he have that I can drool over?
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>drool over

In rage over his stupid twists i hope?
A Town Where You Rage
I meant Rage.
I'm a masochist.
>Waiting for Truck-kun to pop up at the next band gig

Konosuba is overrated and not at all funny
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I like Megumin, but you Konosuba fanatics need to stop making so many threads. It's confusing.
Humorless autists don't count though
fuck off with you*re Daily megumeme threads

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How do you feel about their now being a legal precedent against them?
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About what?
Stop telling lies, cannibal.
Not a big deal for stuff that's subbed by Crunchy or Funi, a headache for Netflix titles or random side OVAs at worst.

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Average Salaryman: Gee I wish I could solve this problem in my life right now.

Moguro: Here, have this magic thing that solves this problem in your life.

Average Salaryman: Wow thanks.

Moguro: But don't do THE THING.

Average Salaryman; Ok, I won't.

Moguro: How about I get you drunk and 5 feet away from doing THE THING.

Drunk Salaryman: You kinda forced my hand, there.

Moguro: Doesn't matter, DOOOOOON!

I feel like I would enjoy this more if I could feel like those dudes deserved to get fucked over.
It's not really fun if Moguro is the thing that gets them instead of their own shortcomings.
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Just see Moguro as a troll instead of a punisher of evil.
The writing is trash, yeah.
It's more realistic, though. People often profit from finding weak willed people, and rubbing their faces in their vice until they break. You're supposed to hate Moguro, and be more wary of his mundane counterparts IRL for having seen him in action.

>tfw everything could have been resolved nearly instantly had one character taken a look at the current year .

Why did neither of them ever look at the date? They were both constantly using their phones, there's no way they wouldn't see what the date is.

Even if they didn't, surely one of them would have noticed the incorrect date on newspapers, TV, school assignments, pay stubs, or something?


They were also fully awake when they were in the other person's body.
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Because they don't give a shit since it sold well in Nipland

unless I open calender, I have no idea what the year is if I just looked at my phone
They just didn't gave a fuck and wanted to have fun.

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Another new chapter, dumping
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Why do nips love German and Russians so much?
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They're exotic.
They like nazis and tankies.
I don't know, I like german too because of the language

Is sex with this loli illegal?
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not in Fantasy Australia
Not if you're Arab.
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Not if you're a little girl.

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oww the edge.jpg
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This edgy mothafucka appears, I hope this season begins to turn good.
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is this a JoJo reference?
Any info on his seiyuu?
Oh some edgy guy in a slice of life setting, should be fun(Im not being sarcastic)

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