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ITT smiles you want to protect
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Where the fuck is Mari?
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fading into irrelevancy
Who is this qt?
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Who cares when best girl is in the spotlight

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>Chapter 155: The Country's Benefit

Wizard People, Dear Reader is a fine piece of audio art; I don't care what anybody says.
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>Utsumi: Hanayama-san.
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>U: Even for you,
>U: This shouldn't be a useless discussion.
>Narrator: Superintendent General of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, Utsumi Shunzou
>U: Hanayama-san.
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>U: For the benefit of the country...
>U: Would you lend a hand?
>Hanayama: Hey...

Why is she so perfect?
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Someone's good at drawing tits, that's why.
mage-chan is the cutest
I want to marry her.

Fourth episode is out.
The episode you were all waiting for.
It's not like someone's still watching this shitty mobage adaptation.
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Jormu is best retarded dragon, Bakamut can't even compete
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Leave my thread this instant.
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What, is my superior taste making you feel bad?

>the eternally filthy shantytown of Bakamut

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Just wondering. Since when has the lack of underwear been a trend?
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Since the kimono came about
since pre-history.
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a very long time

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How did they get competent english original songs to go with the english dub of the anime?

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What, no one? RIP

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I liked the cringey dub

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what's his name again?
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Jojojo-jo Jo-jojo

Ping Pong is the best japanese animated (anime) series ever
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This one is better.
Only because it involves JCs
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Ping Pong Club.jpg
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I think you forgot a word there OP.

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I know it's "entry-level" , but do you like it?
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Not my absolute favorite anything, but it's one of the better "anime is for kids, lol!" shows.
it's not entry level, it's a classic. there's a difference. hard sci fi is very rarely entry level, too many abstract concepts floating around and the entire situation/environment tends to be more complex.
high school settings, now that's entry level.
>hard sci fi
I like bebop but i don't know if i would call it "hard" sci fi. It's more of a character driven show with a sci fi setting.

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>May 6
Does that mean no episode this week?
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>episode 4 not listed on countdown on CR
Last week's wasn't either, so that doesn't concern me.
This does, however.
Check official twitter maybe?

>the only option to watch a classic series requires you to download every single show, sequel, spinoff, movie, manga, LN, and wallpaper collection that has ever been in existence for that series in a single bundle

Thanks, nyaa. I don't even know how much I'll enjoy it and I already have to start up with a 40 gig download.

Did the invite-only services also operate like this, or did there actually used to be options for downloading single seasons?
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stream it
Are you retarded? You don't have to download the whole fucking thing. Download the first season, or the first few episodes.
There are options to deselect files from the torrent. You don't have download it all

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All of them
Do Asian people have reduced peripheral vision?

Tsurezure Children is officially going to be animated.
Do you understand what sushi means yet?
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Yes, it means love.

Patty also a shit, fite me.
>15 minute shorts

Hope they get 24 episodes at least.

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Why are japanese MC's such betas?
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It's a retoric question?
All japanese are betas mate.
Why don't you start by giving some context. Not this thread, next time.
This one is dead because you made the same shitty mistake everyone else makes
>irrelevant manga no one is reading
>no recognizable characters
>scene with to context or meaning unless you are following it
>not even given any context to give a single fuck
Please lurk /a/ for more than a year before posting.
>he doesn't know Big Aqua

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