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So how do anons like that this (pic related) will be the first anime ever on 4K Bluray home video. Is it time to upgrade out toasters and get 4K display?
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Singapore likes it so much that some stores are openly selling counterfeits.
Was it a mistake?
Too bad it's a 1080p upscale, but it might be a sign of things to come. At least movies done on 35mm and scanned into 4k make sense currently.

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Fuck off normie
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Homu best mom

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Post some good stuff and we'll give critique.
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MC gets hit by a truck and transported to another world loosely based off of high fantasy shit and video game mechanics but it turns out he didn't really die, there was no truck, and he's just really really delusional and retarded. So every episode is just him doing dumb shit in public and random people's reaction to his extreme autism.
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gintama but modern
boom give me my oscar
>if i say all the ideas they will be stolen
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Alchemy, the magical art that changes the foundation of the world by mixing various ingredients together to create potions and elixirs of varying effects. It is an art long practiced since the ancient times, originally to create remedies and cures for afflictions one might have. Overtime the art was changed to include different style and mixes for various uses for: creative works, hunting and farming, and during war it was used to assassinate leaders of nations or give soldiers advantages they normally would never have.

In modern times, the art of Alchemy is well respected. Being an Alchemists stands as one of the top professions in the world and is an official study within academies of magic. Its abilities to have lead to a creation of a large market demand for Alchemists, with this large demand also comes scammers in potion making. Many kingdoms within the world have made state laws against potion making without permission and has assigned positions and titles to Alchemists who swear loyalty to the kingdom.

The Empire of Parsia, is a large state divided into two: Western Parsia, is a state dominated by order and war, the people there live in the glory of military might and conquest. Eastern Parsia is a state dominated by trade, culture, and the arts becoming a shining utopia of commerce.

The empire has a large standing within the world and earned its fame in potion making with its Alchemists, as it hosts the largest academy for them. After a Alchemists finishes their schooling within the Capital City of Parlacidonus they are given a state record as an official Alchemist and given permission to set up shop anywhere within the empire to perform their activities of potion making and selling.

The MC is an Alchemist who opens shop in a town that hasn't had an Alchemist in over 100 years and goes episodic adventures as their customers request different kind of potions for daily life

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>put on the glove anon!
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Oh I'll put it in the glove alright.
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It's filled with semen, isn't it?
I'm digging that double rocket technique.

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Is there any studio with better visuals than Ufotable?
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Trigger i mean, they aren't quite as good visual wise but then again they don't have 50 departments working on the animation
the one that makes naruto
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Kara no Kyoukai was quite good.

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The fujo baiting is strong with this one.
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Wait, whose hand is that?
It's lewd hand-holding.
They look weird in 2D

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Bad End.jpg
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ITT: Tropes you would like to see.

Instead of corrupt church, corrupt bank.
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Grim detective story with no happy ending. It should have lots of booze and dead criminals/innocent people at the hands of semi corrupt cop.

Actually broken families, narcotics, coffee, depression and corruption. Police violence and unsanctioned killings of those who deserve it.

Just make an anime out of finnish crime literature
>Finnish crime literature

Tell me more
Usually has a charismatic but assholish detective with depression, lost family and drugs. Thats the main character.

Well its either about catching drug dealers or murderers. Finnish authors arent really shy about killing anyone off if you dont read trash like Remes. Overall they offer a grim view about the reality of crime and its effect on main character himself.

Plot of course varies

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Why is Hyouka never properly regarded as a masterpiece on the same level as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Utena, Madoka, LOGH, Shinsekai Yori, etc?
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Because it is not a masterpiece?
>Madoka, Shinsekai Yori
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Because having best boy Satoshi lose the Orekibowl to a vapid whore and then shoving him to another vapid whore as a consolation prize is not the formula for winning.

Armpits are ____
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acceptable if clean
For rubbing your pOnOs against.
for impregnating! her heart with my love :3

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One of these threads?
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Never has a What I Got panel both interested and disinterested me.

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Proletarian edition.
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Trying way too hard/9
What are you trying to say? You should be able to solve this.

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i'm on episode 24 and it's not even a meme, i'm already sad that i won't be able to watch k-on! again for the first time.

tell yui her bangs look nice to make me feel better
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If you wait a couple of years to rewatch it, it'll be better the second time.
Kill yourself faggot.
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I can't I have this coming in the mail

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
u fail my boy

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What is your genuine opinion on breast envy
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asymmetrical docking is the only answer
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I don't give a flying shit about it since no one is going to feel envious of my manboobs. We're never going to get a season 2 are we? Dammit I want Alas Ramus to appear and see the Chihofags be btfo!
Shouldn't exist in anime since every girl knows she's going to be somebody's waifu

ITT good tsundere
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Male tsundere are the good tsundere.
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Pic related

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