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>evangelion is almost 22 years old
had it aged well?
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There is an Eva thread every single day. I think its held up, well enough.
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>tfw I still haven't watched it despite being on /a/ for almost a decade now
first Eva episode is just 6 days older than me, so 22 doesn't seem that much

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sento is not a spank slut
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What is /a/'s opinion on Kazuma?
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3rd season when
Get that baka goddess of cucks out of my thread
the moment when his pride was destroyed

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In episode 8 of Youjo Senki, Grantz is bitching about muh warcimes and Tanya tells him to man the fuck up by beating him up with his rifle.

Then she starts fiddling with the rear of the rifle like she tightening or loosening the back of the bolt carrier. Then she throws his rifle down on the ground and orders him to use it. He freaks out, cries and fires after dramatically shouting. The scene ends there.

I was certain that she had loosened the back of the bolt carrier so that when he fired it would send the bolt into his head or something. Presumably because she expected him to fire at her. She would then tell him he is worthless as a soldier and a waste of valuable Imperial supplies and that a real soldier would have checked his weapon. That sort of shit. Not seeing her for the rest of the episode made me sure of it. We find out later that the whole time she was trying to explain that it was her that was responsible for the orders she was giving, not him. She was trying to help. So I guess she was just inspecting the rifle to make sure she didn't damage it when she hit him.

Was I the only one who thought this? Also, does she ever go beyond sending shitty training officers to their deaths away from where they would cause real harm or terrifying trainees so they quit and she can go back to the rear. I mean that is selfish, but not exactly evil. I am real close to reading the LN if I don't hear about a 2nd season soon.
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forgot to add that she turns her back to him almost like she was baiting him into it.
>that scene description
Well, people weren't lying when they said this was inspired by Imperial Guards, it seems. I guess I have to watch it now.
Anime Original

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Your dick would reject her body just like her baby did.
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Cocoa-san to the last page!
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Shitty Hinako Note ripoff.
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I laughed
Silly anon
Cocoa-san on my dick!

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This week's episode was pretty cool.
It's a shame that everyone already dropped this, your loss because you're not going to watch Mu-chan's heroic battle.
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>He's still doing it
I totally forgot about you anon I'm sorry
>Levi-tan was 4000 years ago

Where did my life go?

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Admit it /a/, Shinka is your dream fight
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I'd fight her vagina with my dick. Winner gets pregnant. Loser gets pregnant.
So you'll both get pregnant? Is this futa ?
What happened to Shinka gangbang threads and fap-together threads, those were my favourites.

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So? Who's better? What would they talk about if they were together in the same place?
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le totally realize what's going on but have amazing restrain power in the face of succubus menace in order to keep on with the tradition of the main character being uninterested... men
I can make out the personalities of Kyon, Araragi and that Index moralfag, but the OreImo MC is as generic and bland as it gets, I have no idea what he would talk about.
Oreimo MC is like the index moralfag except he doesn't have super powers and mostly just wants to fuck his sister and help people

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>lovecraftian monster without knowledge of humanity
What kind of stuff would you teach her?
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How to doom an entire species in 5 minutes
It already did that 6 + 2i minutes ago. What's next?
When do Yuu-kun's 1000 cute nieces show up?

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Top Urara
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Koume loves hags! HAGS!

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Really Oda?
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It makes sense.
whats the problem?
>kami means god
Why is Viz so shit?

Just finished Lain after hearing people hype it up for god knows how many years and given it is seen as a classic I thought it's about time I gave it a go.

Really didn't understand what the fuck was going on and feel like I've just wasted several hours of my life and weird shit is usually my thing. It started off fine but went to shit pretty quickly. I tried looking it up but everyone seems to have their own version of events which doesn't really help.

Why is this so loved /v/?
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And you don't seem to understand.
>muh singularity
>muh series of tubes
>muh I didn't understand it but I must pretend I did to be the cool kid
Maybe try to rewatch the entire show knowing what little you know now, and you might actually get it.

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>Saber is supposed to have Rank A instinct
>She is a servant who are faster than fighter jets and have god like agility
>Some human on magic drugs who isn't on Servant level was able to land "Hits" on her despite everything

Is it just me, or is Saber literally a punching bag?
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But it did put him on servant level
Instinct isn't Clairvoyance.

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There is only one reason to like Mami Tomoe
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I see two right there.
There's no need to lose your head over this girl.
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>10 de Mayo
Feliz día de las Mamis.

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