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Gonna dumb the latest chapter right here.
I have never seen anyone so BTFO right from the start.
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*meant to say dump,not dumb.But you guys know what I mean
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Why do you /a/utists hate this show?
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I've never watched it or posted anything negative about it, but it looks like shit.
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jokes on you, I like it
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I don't though?

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Chapter 99.2 is out on MangaONE.

Dumping the raws.
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So I'm watching through Oreimo and I don't quite get the appeal, in almost every single circumstance Kirino acts like a huge asshole to Kyousuke and that retard just accepts it, he has girls fawning for him left and right but he decides to do the most ass backwards things to cover for his sisters fairly extreme eroge obsession, and at most Kirino is nice to him only a few times.

can anyone explain why Kirino shouldn't be thrown into a meat grinder? I understand tsundere but she sails way past that and lands in the category of "I wouldn't even piss on you if you were burning to death"
I don't post on here often, so pardon me if this topic has been done to death.
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>I'm watching through Oreimo
I've done you the favor of identifying your problem, anon.
Drop this show immediately and watch something better.
the only reason I can find for watching it more is the other girls seem interesting, I just dont understand how they all gravitate around this asshole as if she's the best person in the world.

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is anyone else reading this???
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Please describe this girl.
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in over her head
Even for a private school girl she seems like she got a head start in life
Shit. Her mamis are nice though.

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rejoice lost sheeps of /a/ for i have come to offer absolution.

post your anime related sins here so that they may be forgiven and you be cleansed
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Confessor, please , i feel i have offended most severly. i was touching myself while watching most improper pictures of my waifu , how can i atone?
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I have Bakabt and AB account but I still only stream

Iv only read Umineko manga but still shitpost about it

VNs are trash in all honesty
an offense most grave , while i am appaled by your taste , i can not judge where love falls.

record yourself singing love labs opening and post it, let the shame wash you clean

an infraction that many of us are guilty of in our weaker moments.

accoring to an eye for an eye , you must seed on bakabt torrents until you have achieved an upload volumen equal to your traffic last month.

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Redpill me on the 17th angel. Why does he love/care about Shinji so much?
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Because Shinji is so sweet.
Shinji has been craving for love and his heart is fragile like glass
Androgynous superbeings feel strangely attracted to socially awkward teen boys. See Demian

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Raws for Chapter 2 of Bleach: Can't Fear Your Own World is out: http://imgur.com/a/7Mz4C

Won't be long before translations are out.
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Now we can finally know what the fuck was going on in the world of Bleach.
Thank you.
>Won't be long before translations are out.
Those translations always rely on google translation though. The only reliable one is of Missstormcaller and LoN(to an extent).

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>it's another tomboy chapter

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she is killing the series, god damn it
How do brown tomboy boobs feel like?
What the hell, is she a stealth main girl or what?

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Name an anime from the past 5 years with a better OP theme than


I'll wait
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What do I win?
You win nothing because you answered incorrectly
Your palpable butthurt indicates that I win.

Why is she always eating?
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She was always eating from the very start

Even the guidebooks call we out
She's a weak minder person.
>tfw 10/10 body ruined

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Decided to rewatch SAO finally. Not sure if its because I just watched Duraga but SAO is actually pretty well made. Never noticed the first anime how good the animations were.
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I'm going to wait to form an opinion in this thread until I see what most people think and then I'm going to chose the opposite of that.
You are not allowed to enjoy anything SAO-related, anon, unless some e-celeb decides to say good things about it.
How did it ever become popular, it's awful

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And he fucked it up, as always.
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I'm glad he's the type of character where it makes perfect sense for him to say no to this face but how do you say no to this face
I'd have fucked her so hard.
Right on the spot.
That guy is a complete spastic homo.

Post anime characters you want to hug
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I remember dropping this hard from the moment the obvious Teacher x every demi harem was there to stay. Did it ever get good? Vampire was so cute.

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