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She only has eyes for Glenn.
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Makes sense; pigs have terrible vision
We're not talking about your mom
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Well, yeah.

Why does the industry hate money? Dont they realise we all want animated Guts? I am willing to shell out good money for top quality BDs
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>I am willing to shell out good money for top quality BDs
And you're in the minority. Meanwhile there's tons of japanese men willing to do the same for left. They don't hate money, they like money, and that's why they make the left.
Left sold like dog crap and got the manga canceled.

Good job.
Left was also good, as much as I did enjoy the original series Berserk is edgy trash and its fans are insufferable.

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ultra mega CUTE.gif
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Little anime girls are so CUTE! They make me want to cuddle and protect a little girl and brush her nice hair! What about you guys?
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I just want to smell her feet
What does her hair smell like?
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I-I kinda wanna lick her cunny.

>"We should let Yukinoshita solve her own problems."
>Saves Yukinoshita once again
Fuck dude. What was even the point then? If you wanted her to be strong, you have to stop babying her.

I mean, even Yui has to hold back to not let Yukinon's feelings be hurt.
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I still want to kill this fucking cunt.

I'm surprised this pic survived
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People still watch this?
Read the light novels faggot.

This is your date tonight. Make sure you wear something fancy.
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But I'm not a cute girl
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Why is Hana superior to every other girl?

Also, post cute pics of Hana

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korean scans dump (after the cover page)
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What the fuck was his problem?
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He couldn't handle being weak and inferior to everyone around him
Round head syndrome.

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Re:Creators. Also what's so bad, it's ironically good?
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>and its bad because
I bet there's worse out there I don't know about and I don't want to know. The really bad stuff is usually on the verge of being hentai, but the unwatchable kind that nobody can quite get off to.
Re:Creators is like lower-middle, come on. Sagrada Reset's the worst I've watched, but there's lots of crap I'm avoiding/ignoring that might be even worse, like Naruto Z, that fujo kabuki thing, new fucking BeyBlade, etc.

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Why are scenes like this becoming more common in anime?
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nips are beta
Anime develops towards the hottest fetishes. It's been doing that for decades.
When fetishes are old and busted, anime drops them.
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There's a worldwide movement intended to lower the birthrates of high IQ genetic lineages by replacing mens' desire to have sexual intercourse with desire to indulge in fetishy behavior instead.

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Do people actually pay attention to what manga/LN licensing companies release, or do people only care about things that they have already read fan translations for? When something that was never noticed by scanlators gets picked up by one of these companies, does anybody actually buy it?
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>When something that was never noticed by scanlators gets picked up by one of these companies
That doesn't sound very likely.
Why invest in something that shows no signs of popularity?
It could be popular in japan.

im buying all the Hakomari LN's English release.
I already have the original jap ones and read them via the fans translation.

but im pretty much retarded so...

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When you're so skilled you bend the rules of space and time.

Assassin was best servant.
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Bending space and time is easy when you're fat.
yeah but he lost
Well he wasn't the strongest servant so it was only natural.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Attack on Fish.jpg
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I HATE it.
Sakurafish is /a/'s best meme and dare I say the best meme ever produced by 4chan as a whole. Words cannnot describe how much I hate it
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ITT: Anime composers you want to see live.

Also, I would've seen Yuki Kajiura live if her goddamn work visa got cleared for approval
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>Unicorn not above all
it was his last good score nigga
Unicorn is at God tier, what more do you want?
>tfw no new Sengoku Basara game

There will never ever be an anime romance remotely as good as this ever again and the creator had to go and fucking kill it
This makes me extremely angry
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>slutty main heroine
it looked like shit
I'd trade any hopes of Eva 4.0 getting made for a "complete" version of Kare Kano with Anno at the helm and an actual conclusion.

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