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>have a time skip while the MC goes away to train
>he comes back sucking pretty much the same as before
What did Kishimoto mean by this?
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That's your problem.
Kishi's a hack who couldn't do anything right. Holy fuck do I regret ever liking the series. That first arc tricked me and was too good for the series.
Timeskips are purely an excuse to change the character designs.

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Riel is cute!

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Celica a best. A BEST.

Sisti and Lumia a shit. A SHIT.
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Where is the gif/webm of that scene?

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One Gabriel
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great thread
Gabdro thread?
GabDro Thread
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>she sees your dick

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TMS did episode 55 of Aikatsu Stars just to get the rights to Love Live (that had no issues with The Flintstones, TMS & Warner Bros (who owns the Hanna Barbera library) have a very solid relationship), other then that nothing else was give out.


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The Flintstones' secondary material has been, really, really good lately.
Someone give me a quick rundown on SilvaGunner
And unlike that WWE crossover people actuality want this.

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ITT: We post Jewish Characters
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How is she Jewish?

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Which one of these animus should I watch today /a/?
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Kino no tabi
all shit
Bartender, then report back. I have and love the OST but I've never seen it.

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Are you watching the anime of the season?
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Fuck off and kill yourself.
if the sound recording were less muffled and the subs weren't so shit it would certainly be up there

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of course

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Reminder that only nostalgiafags think TTGL isn't trash and is better than mecha anime from the 80s.
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I've always though it was the halo of anime. Overhyped by the fanbase and when you try it, it was pretty meh.
God tier anime.
All I care about is the fact that it gave me prime fap material.

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How do you feel about Onizuka as a character?
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He was my model when I was 16.
He was anti-intellectual.

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Hard Mode:
>Make it a tragedy.
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Mirror Mirror 鏡よ鏡 (Kagami yo Kagami)

MC-kun is your average high schooler about to start his last year, with one fatal flaw: he loves himself far too much! His "mature" and predictable lifestyle takes a turn when he finds himself stalked and blackmailed by an unusual girl, who reveals to him an incredible secret: she is his alternate self from another dimension. Now forced to live with an eccentric and exceedingly familiar roommate, MC-kun watches as his rose-colored life spirals in a very different direction.

>MC-kun fancies himself to be very mature and mostly uninterested in other people, leading him to have very few friends (if any) in school as he is comfortable keeping to himself. An egoist who thinks he is hot shit and wants to become a businessman, with dreams of being a smooth talking secret agent who knows what everyone is going to say
>MC-san is very very similar to him, but has given up on dreams of business due to Japan’s very male-centric business culture so instead has become a smooth talking and crafty woman (making MC-kun jealous). Blackmails MC-kun into letting her stay at his dorm as she now has no room or money
>Barista girl who is very familiar with MC-kun as he regularly comes to drink coffee. Slightly attracted to him (in looks only as she does not know what he’s actually like) and becomes intrigued when MC-san appears with him regularly
>Delinquent girl who was MC-san’s "henchman" her dimension (where he was a guy): MC-san tells MC-kun his odd hobbies in order to get him to help her
>Solitary guy who MC-kun mistakenly thinks is similar to himself but is actually lonesome and depressed. Has killed (her)self in MC-san’s dimension, so tells MC-kun to make friends with her
>MC-kun and MC-san start off finding each other hard to deal with, but quickly become fast friends and find each other other to be mentors

>MC-san poses as MC-kuns sister, and his girlfriend when his family appears

>MC-kun and MC-san have a james bond/bond villain theme and aesthetic

>mostly comedic slice of life but also introspective (as MC-kun and MC-san help each other realize what they are actually like) and existential (MC-san coming to terms with the fact that she'll never really see the people she actually knows ever again)

>MC-san convinces MC-kun to make friends by envisioning them as various parts of the "spy world": a henchman, a "Number 2", an informant, a rival agent, etc

>music for the series is test card bossa nova music from the 60s and 70s as they both think they're hot shit agent types
A shota magician runs out of money to continue paying for his schooling at a prestigious Magic Academy, goes into debt, and gets thrown out into the streets.

Broke, alone, starving, and his family being too far away for him to get to he ends up on the street. To earn money he does performances doing basic magic things the academy taught him until he is approached by a mysterious woman who can make all his troubles go away.

The Shota accepts the mysterious woman's offer, but by doing so he is forced to enter into things like: Go to War against monsters, suffer, get into politics, and etc in order to make him an alpha and a Hero who makes a lot of good friends. The shota then becomes attached to the mysterious woman, mentally and emotionally.

Once the shota becomes a Hero with the mysterious woman's help, the mysterious woman sets him on a path of destruction turning him into a Dark Lord/Vessel for her one true love who perished a long time ago who she plans on reviving.

Everything will be fine...

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so yeah, it finally begins
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yep, that's me
you're probably wondering how I wound up like this
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So it begins.
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Who cares about digital releases. I can use sadpanda for digital.
The whole fun of buying stuff is possesing physical stuff.
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The beginning of Fakku's end?
If anything, this would be good in the short term.

I imagine BookWalker will focus more on non-h doujinshi, a lot of which doesn't end up on sadpanda. Having digital releases could be really useful, as long as they don't start going after us with DMCA.

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tanpopo night.png
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Is megumin powerful enough to fuck up modern infrastructure?
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Yes. Unlike jet fuel, explosion magic can indeed melt steel beams.
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Her explosion is undoubtedly building level.
why is her small chest so hnngg

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Post only girls with the best derrieres in anime.
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>he's an assman
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deko ass.jpg
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You can appreciate a nice ass without being an assman.

Butts are the foundation. A chest may be flat or fat, but an ass may not be flat.

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