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Ninjas vs Nue
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週刊少年ジャンプ連載中、ゆらぎ荘の幽奈さん62話「マトラ攻略戦 」のネタバレ、画バレ(画像バレ)。


Do they fucked yet?
Those delicious thighs though

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What does /a/ think about Hokuto no Ken 2?

Why do a lot of the fans pretend it doesn't exist and why is it so disliked?
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What the fuck is Hokuto no Ken 2? Is that some stupid fan-fiction that "continues the story" after Raou or something?
See, like this >>157059360
Why do people do this?
It's essentially not canon, HnK ended with Raoh and it was only continued because of a ridiculous amount of money

Where to download the anime. An updated list of resources.

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I don't understand the pantsu thing. If I click on "Torrent File" for what I'm trying to download, it takes me to anicache and says "not found". If I click "Download!" for the magnet, I get pic related.

Would someone mind explaining this to me? Is it *supposed* to not be working? Why is everything listed as having 0 seeders, leechers, and downloads?
hijacking this thread to show how much of an autist daiz can be
(from #nyaapantsu-dev channel)


And after he was shooed away he keep going in the offtopic channel

New seiyuu for main characters including Reinhard
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It's gonna be shit and we all know it. And we'll still watch it regardless.
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>And we'll still watch it regardless.
Just like Berserk fans and the 2016/17 CGme.
I wish I could say no, but I can't

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I just watched the episodes for this that are out so far and I swear I'm losing my god damn mind.

So far for characters we have:
>Shitty light novel protagonist with no personality for the sake of self-insertion
>Absolutely perfect main girl with zero flaws so the author can fantasize about banging a younger sister
>An extrovert who's constantly portrayed as a dick so the author can project his complaints about "normies"
>A total bitch who writes better than the main character without motivation so the author can project his complaints about the industry he works in

Everything I've seen of this show so far suggests that this is some parallel to the author's own life, but also some sort of fantasy of his.

Am I crazy? Do other people see this in the show? Do people actually watch this and like it?
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Fushimi is art, what can you say
Its trash but /a/ will defend it for the girls
I dont even care if other people are enjoying thing a dont like, but when people are trying to actively justify it and defend it to me its just annoying.
Watch more anime.

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How do you guys feel about slut idols?
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Go back to Facebook.
Same way I feel about all idols: complete garbage.
How popular is lacrosse in other countries? I thought it was only an American thing? Why are the japs playing the oldest most American sport?

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Anyone else watching this garbage show?
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When do we get to the french kissing
Guri-chan is the cutest! In that gaiafag cosplaying batshit crazy yaoi shipper, sorta strange smelling weird girl kind of way!
yes I like it a lot for whatever reason

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It's out, press F to pay respect

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>nothing happens: the chapter
>I must shit on everything: the post.
>the spoiler is real

What do you think about that anime so far? Seems pretty good to me.

It's almost like a SAO thats actually good
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t. chink shill
but it is kinda of wierd to listen to chinese.. after being used to hearing to japanese speaking.
I unironically like this show but it shouldn't be be shilled here and it isn't anime.

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Stop persecuting my cute demon waifus
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Are people on /a/ actually watching this? I thought this was based on some shitty phone game.
It's surprisingly good for being based on a shitty phone game. The original felt more epic to me than LotR did.
I'll look into the original then. Can't really turn down brown demon waifus.

Does it get very many threads here?

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i notice pretty much every region and culture is featured in anime and manga except for australia?? are those slitty eyed nips racist or??
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Ghost Hunt has an unconvincing Australian character called John Brown, that's all that comes to mind
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Free had Aussies in it.

In Grimgar, 'Australia' and 'Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!' are celebratory cheers.

Rest in pieces

I thought it was good, clearly shows the Japanese have no taste
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what happened?

Manga got axed
No way really?
That's sad.

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What does /a/ think of tomboys?
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They're for ntr.
>They're for stealing their childhood friend from an abusive tsundere

Murata's never going to draw Saitama vs Garou is he?
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At this rate, probably in 3 years
never ever
Compared to the wait to get Casca healed it's nothing at all.

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Your favourite anime now gets a remake by KyoAni.

How much better is it?
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It goes to shit
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It already is.
Hibike is my favorite anime

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