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Was his dream justified after everything that's happened?

berserk thread/discussion of the anime or worry about how it will end
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bumping for interest
>He thinks it will end
>implying we're not passed the half-way point


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Magically, you've been transformed into the protag's tomboy childhood friend. How do you win the MC bowl?
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grow long hair
mindbreak him.

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>No threads celebrating Piccolo Day
May the great demon king obliterate the souls of you unworthy fuckers.
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How will Piccolo fags every recover
Oh wait, they can.
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Everybody I've met who claimed Piccolo was their favorite DBZ character was cool.

Here's to the GOAT

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What does /a/ think of this series? I don't ever see much talk of it and with the coming adaptation I'm interested in seeing what people think about how Wit will pull this off.
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I love it, its very emotional and excelent art. Its like be fall in love
It's alright. The first few arcs were interesting. I've been burned out by it because they keep repeating the formula of Chise using her powers and passing out at the end of every arc as a transition. It's seems like it's finally going to move away from it.
I guess it'd just be dependent on whether she joins the coven or not. I'll be surprised if she doesn't, but I don't think there's another way of dealing with this that doesn't involve going to Cartaphilus.

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I just got home and there is no Miuna thread.

You're just pretending to forget right?
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dead. We Megumin Monday now

>Miuna will marry Beta-kun!
I refuse to acknowledge that thread.

>No anon, YOU are the Naoki Urasawa's Monster

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>all those remarks about the jews
Aren't they in Germany? How did they get away with it?
>Aren't they in Germany?
>How did they get away with it?
It's a japanese series, they don't have to make the bad guys robots.
Yeah, but that's illegal im Germany. Say something about the jews? BAM! You go to jail and all your properties go to impoverished jews in wall street.

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Why is it that generally Japanese animators give accurate/expressive lip sync a low priority?
Do most Japanese-speaking anime consumers not mind? If so, why?
Is it still industry standard to record dialogue second? If so, why?

Look at this WebM, it looks like she's just flapping her mouth saying "bah bah bah" over and over. It's just one example I picked at random, rightfully called cherry-picking, but it's from a highly-regarded feature film. Walt Disney Studios was doing better work in the 1950 on animation directed at children.
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Okay it saves costs, but is this level of quality really acceptable? How do people glance over this?
Most people just don't care. Heck, I actually find realistic mouth movements a bit uncanny at times.
OP, you're part of a small and autistic minority that actually gives a shit. Most people don't.

Previously, on Trench Flowers...
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Why was Archer Shirou from the future? Shouldn't he have been Kiritsugu, if he is the embodiment of Shirou's stolen ideals which he got from Kiritsugu? It would have also tied in nicely with Fate/Zero. Instead it is a time traveling subplot with an literally infinite amounts plot holes, aside the fact it is a physical imbossibility to travel backwards in time, even if you have magic. baka bad storytelling
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This is what you wanted, right?
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And stepping off that precipice, since they crossed the line and said you can summon servants from the future, wouldn't there be a literal infinite amount of future servants to summon strecting until the end of time, making the chances of you getting a genderbent King Arthur from British legend infinitesimally small by comparison?
Maybe if you didn't have fucking Avalon inside you.

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Is there a more cancerous anime company right now?
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There is no studio as consistently great.
Sunrise & Trigger

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Who is the cutest mahou shoujo?
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I expect this
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What does /a/ think of My Hero Academia?
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How else do you think they got so large?
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I think Mangastream is going to be awfully smug about the fact they translate things way too literally in a few months.

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Stop reading gross otaku novels
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>annoying old hag
You're not even cute. Why should I listen to you?
I don't read otaku novels.
Hop onto my dick, Megumi.

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Even the kemonos looked better.
3DCG is the future, no amount of gaijin butthurt will change that.

Ensign Riddhe went from spoiled brat pilot to "gas the newtypes! race war now!". All because the Space Nazi Princess picked someone else.
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Except he didn't. He became the way he was due to both the Banshee's psychoframe bullshit combined with the fact that he felt responsible for his family's involvement with Laplace's Box.
That guy from Buddy Complex.
Forgot the characters names and most of the plot. All I remember is that there was time traveling bullshit.
Riddhe was sore at Banana ever since Mineva jumped out of an airplane with no parachute.

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