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Only allowed to post literal masterpieces that weave the emotional cords.

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wish it was the legit one, when does the damn ost drop?

good choice OP. BH truly had some incredible BGM that worked well each other.
MM also had some good ones that worked in the same way
What is this fucking Russian snoozefest.


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Is Makoto right?
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no, fatties go to /fit/ and read the sticky
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Poochy belly a best

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Lets settle this once and for all. Who was best girl?

Tsumugi fags need not reply.
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Tsugumi was bestest girl.
They were all shit

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After seven years, the sequel of one of the most iconic ecchi series has finally ended.
Now that the lewd ride is over and the dust is settling down, what do you think about it? Did Darkness manage to meet your expectations, or did it disappoint you? What would you like to see in the third installment? Or maybe you would like to see Yabuki draw something completely new?
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TLR: In Space
Rito remained more static than I would have liked. Otherwise, nice lewd shenangians as always. Want to see ToLoveRu Galaxy next, where he visits other planets an we get some demi-human cuties added to the harem. Alternatively, I want Risa to be one of the focus girls in the followup series. That doujinshi has to be validated.
>Rito remained more static than I would have liked.
The most irritating thing is that entire conflict was hit with a reset button. Confessions didn't change much, as characters interact in the same way as before. There is no progress in the harem plan, as Rito is still opposed to it and the love triangle from the original is still unresolved. Rito and Haruna finally realized that they love each other, but with Lala in the picture everything was put on hold. So basically we're at the same point as at the beginning of Darkness, just with a few girls more.
Next series would really need to focus on Rito and stray from the static ecchi accidents premise.

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> Be Me
> Train with Angel for years to achieve god ki
> Fight strongest in other universes
> Scholar son becomes as strong as me in 9 hours with Green slug
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Gohan is ...eh

But Krillian and Roshi and others are just...Fuck no
>people still haven't learned to accept that super shouldn't be taken seriously
when will they learn
I honestly don't think goku is going all out although toei has managed to make the blue god form seem borderline useless and in some cases even weaker than his base form

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I just marathoned the first season of this and liked it a lot. Should I go ahead with season 2?

When are you coming back, when!!

Also pic related as best pairing
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/u/ get out
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Never, it's ded.
>Yet another author fails to pay their taxes

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Are you guys ready for the upcoming GOAT idol group? Can't wait for the anime announcement.

They're still in the process of promoting / generating hype (currently revealing a seiyuu every day). Each character has a different character designer but the main character designer seems to be Yukiko Horiguchi. It's the closest you can get to a KyoAni idol anime.

Now, let's start with the characters. Beginning from top left:

Nicole Saito (17) / Kurehito Misaki (Saekano)
Akane Maruyama (17) / Tometa Ohara from QP:flapper (Girlfriend BETA, Girlish Number)
Sakura Fujima (17) / Kantoku (Hentai Ouji)
>Daughter of a good family
Reika Sato (17) / Hirokazu Koyama from TYPE-MOON (Mahoutsukai no Yoru, F/GO)
>Student council president and honor student
Jun Toda (16) / Masayoshi Tanaka (AnoHana, Anthem of the Heart)
>High class and tsundere
Miyako Kouno (15) / Mieko Hosoi (Grimgar, Aiura)
>Egotistical and speaks Kansai-ben
Miu Takigawa (16) / Yukiko Horiguchi (K-ON!, Tamako Market)
Ayaka Tachikawa (16) / Koharu Sakura from QP:flapper (Girlfriend BETA, Girlish Number)
>Agressive and militant
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Here's all of them together.
I forgot to mention it's being produced by Akimoto Yasushi, you know the guy who created the 48g franchise - the highest-selling idol group of all time.
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Here are the seiyuu. 8th hasn't been revealed yet so I put Mei again as placeholder.

Beginning from top left:
>Mei, Kanae, Sally, Chiharu, Ruri, Mizuha, Nagomi

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Post your favorite navel.
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Diesel-san is best girl.
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>text clearly says chan
>do random research project to help a friend
>it's so good that a company comes to her with an offer of employment

How can the others even compete?
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And another chapter done. dumping
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>the final boss of Dragon Ball is literally magic that can't really be harmed and absorbs power from the main fighters.
>Goku, Gohan, Gotenks and Vegeta beat him anyway through sheer will

Why do people hate on the Buu saga so much? It's a pretty good send-off to the series considering Toriyama stopped giving a fuck years before he wrote it.
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its becuz hes pink
all of them jobbed hard in this arc
Because it dragged on and on with various transformations that all ended up worthless. Then you got Gohan who pretty much officially lost his MC status while every other side character save him, Goku, Mr. Satan, and Vegeta just stopped mattering.

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As so Nyaa lives again thanks to the autistic efforts of various /g/entoomen.

nyaa.patsu.cat (upload is enabled)
Tracker stats and file list coming SOON(tm)

However, sukebei.pantsu.cat is a work in progress. (waiting to be merged with nyaa database but in a different table so there's no need to deploy things twice while maintaining them separate)
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how are they sure that it wont be cracked down again?
It looks like shit.
Because it is open sores meaning if it goes down someone else can make a mirror within an hour or so.

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I'll start.
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I would rather post best girls.
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What about blonde sword autists?
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If it's alive, I can even kill God.
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Good thing god doesn't exist
God is beyond the concepts of alive or dead.
Why are the japs so obsessed with killing God anyway?

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