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it's not down faggot

that's because a literal raspberry pi getting gang-fucked by the entire nip web traffic.
yes, nips were the biggest users of nyaa, nips outnumbering 'Murricans 6-1.
ded project

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Dumping the first chapter of a new cooking manga. Looks super cute.
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That's a comfy cover.
Thank you for the dump.

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What's your opinion on this
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[Lewd imagination intensifies]
pretty gay
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Not gay enough.

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Are JCs for bullying?
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Only if they are fake sluts.
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Only if it's done by another JC.
JC lolis are for sex and rape.

Are JS for cute love or lewd love?
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Lewd love first, then cute love.
mating press

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Cancer spreads faster than you think.
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stay mad
no...but attack on titan bruh...................
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That's nothing. We had like 8 eromanga threads yesterday and 3 big bait threads today.
Now if Sagiri turns out to be blood related, you can kiss this season goodbye.

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What did you say to her now /a/?
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Just get it over with.
Nothing, I said nothing!

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What did he mean by this?
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Sweet, sweet, netorare
Author doesn't do NTR
>this is truly a wonderful country
Where can't a 16-year-old be married with parental consent?

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Toki's birthday is/was May 10! Almost forgot...
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sleep well
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not dead yet

Would you let her save you?
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Would she be a condescending cunt about it?
I would accept help if it were offered, but I fully understand that it's not gonna happen and I have to fix my bullshit myself.

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Go watch Clannade
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Just got back from a screening of this at my local movie theater. I'd watched the show many years ago, but I'd never seen the movie.

Has anyone seen it, what were your thoughts? Personally I found it to be pretty disappointing. The visuals and music are great, but the story is just not that great. After the very satisfying and melancholy ending the show gets to just go back into the middle of the show needed to come up with a better adventure than this. It all felt so pedestrian, Vincent isn't a memorable villain at all and he just wants to blow up the whole world because he's insane? That's not an interesting enough motive. The action was nice, but so much of it just felt like they wanted an excuse to have some action, like when Spike gets into the dogfight with the army for literally no reason. And of course there's no tension, since we know how the show ends we know that all the heroes make it out alive, mars doesn't get destroyed, and they wont get the bounty.

IDK, what did you guys think?
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Considering how high-stakes some actual episodes got I couldn't have expected anything other than a feature-length sidestory.

It was exactly what I expected and I really like it, just not as much as most of the show's two-parters.
Anime movies based on series are typically just long filler, like Trigun Badlands Rumble. They don't want to tell a story that audiences need to know the series to understand, so they just waste their time.
have a thing

Because Vagabond has not returned? It takes a good seinen around here
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I see the ESLs have just abandoned any attempt at communicating like humans.
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Why isn't Vagabond back? We need a good seinen.

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Hey /a/ why aren't you watching Kuromukuro?
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I already watched it.
Welcome to last year.
why are you watching it now and not last year like the rest of us

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kanna thread p-please?
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No, it's titty time.
Fuck off kid, your show is over

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