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What happened to her /a/?
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As a good mother, she defended her son.
>*forcefully rips out her earring*

Something like that, I imagine.
You can't tell her earring got ripped out?

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mfw Taichi lost the Chihayabowl
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Season 3's coming soon, right?
Author has expressed that she's waiting for season 3 as well, on twitter at least.
Not yet, the 2nd live action movie came out recently. They would wait some time if they're thinking of an S3. Also, Arata's VA is on hiatus.

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Let's talk about the greatest Yu-Gi-Oh! character ever created.
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They did the right thing when they decided to give him the spotlight in the new movie.
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You gotta respect the man who builds a space station in the form of his company logo, and develops insane technologies only to bring back a ghost to fight him at card games.

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Is this show yuri? And how yuri is it?
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No, it has some really nice OTP.
This will be the 3rd time I will post this

There was NEVER any yuri in the Aria manga. The author outright showed that Akari is guaranteed to end with Akatsuki. All the yuri was caused by the director who blatantly got rid of almost all AkarixAkatsuki scenes and started shipping Akari with Alicia

>First time Akari met Akatsuki was ignored
>Akari climbing up to Ukujima and meeting Akatsuki was ignored
>The fortune telling chapter that revealed that Akatsuki is fated to marry Akari was ignored
>Marriage of the Sea chapter which featured Akatsuki giving a ring to Akari was ignored

And what did the director replaced it with?
Arietta, which featured lots of handholding, cuddling, and Akari confessing that Alicia is the person that is dearest to her

In fact, the AliciaxAkari fanbase has gotten so large that fans theorized that the reason why Alicia got that forced ending was because the author does not like how people ignore Akatsuki's entire existence and retaliated by sinking Satou's ship. Satou just backed away out of respect.

(Unfortunately for her, the AliciaxAkari continued to exist in the Drama CDs)

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What color is your waifu?
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angry retards
no soul, no personality
guaranteed worst girl in the show
irritating boring moralfag

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You don't love your waifu if you wouldn't ler her destroy you.
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Too much gift.
Remove bear
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I will destroy anyone in my path to reach nationals.

Share your favorites
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I'm keeping it delqineunt themed and posting Crows. There's a few Yankii manga objectively better than it but I like Crows the most.
Any romance in Crows? Is it episodic or story arc'd?
>Any romance in Crows?
No. The author used to joke that he got letters from readers saying they liked his manga but complained that there was no women in it.

>Is it episodic or story arc'd
Story arcs. All of them are pretty good but a couple in particular are excellent.

If you want an episodic delinquent manga which features romance (well, sort of) then read Be-Bop High School, it's also great and it gets bonus points for being 100% realistic.

Another delinquent manga with much more emphasis on the romance (meaning the whole story is about it) is Hot Road, which I thought I would hate but ended up really enjoying.

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What are producers for in idol anime? For us to self insert into? Is LoveLive popular with women too because they have no producers?
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>What are producers for in idol anime? For us to self insert into?
Yes, especially because producers have a long history of fucking their idols and the fucked up Japanese culture give them complete control over the idol's life.

>Is LoveLive popular with women too because they have no producers?
Probably not even the people who made Love Live know why it became popular with women.
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>For us to self insert into?

I like both [email protected] and LL, though. Idols are olev.
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Producers are the same thing as agents that musician hire, their job is to get you gigs and make you famous.

>for us to self insert
That too.
Fapping to a doujin of my waifu and Producer isn't NTR, because I'm him, everyone is Producer, as long as you've played the games.

If you've never played an [email protected] game then you are NOT the producer.

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>ClariS + TrySail combo
>Oreimo author
>Kuroneko cameo tomorrow
>Kirino cameo in 4 weeks
>real incest reveal in 2 weeks
The other shows never stood a fucking chance this season.

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I'm sorry to tell you this but it's trash. It won't amount to anything but episodes of teasing until they confess feelings for each other.

Sure the A to B can be fun but it was contrived as fuck start to begin with.
Your taste is almost as bad as your posting style.
The plot is very trashy but I guess it's good fap material

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> let the little girl die
And there are faggots defending this scum. Fucking die you pieces of shit.
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Bump with best girl
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Gabu just BTFO'd everyone and became best girl
hold on, sperg lord. Only Raphi

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The scene that saved anime
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>overhyped shonen scene
>I am the Colossal Titan, and he is the Armored Titan
What did Zeke mean by this?
This probably marked the peak of the series. I don't know if another moment has been as interesting since.

Draw an oekaki of a background in an anime and other anons have to guess which anime it's from
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I tried

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Fuck 3DCG character models and fuck anyone who thought this shit was ever a good idea.
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>that GitS
Holy shit that's fucking awful. How did anyone sign off on that?
>First one has official art
>Both look awful in the third
Really made me think.
It's funny since that is the most decent one of the bunch.

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How do you feel about sharks?
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I like 'em. The idea of a really dangerous bj makes me like them even more.
There should be more of them.
I like my sharks crazy.

>You will never become the little girl
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You become one when you turn 30 silly anon.
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I thought that made you a wizard, not a loli.
Good. Becoming a female would thoroughly change my thought process via different brain structure and hormones, including my tastes in entertainment and attitude towards people (real and imaginary), making me essentially a completely separate human from who I am. I actually enjoy myself, unlike the /r9k/ horde of self-loathing faglords.
I swear you little girl fags are all shitposters, morons who don't comprehend the implications or actual trannies.

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