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Really like Kubo's Orochimaru.
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Goku by Kohei Horikoshi
Why does Ichigo have a headband on

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How do we stop this menace?
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stop watching it.
anime draws power for viewers.
A steady offering of the finest tubs

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Such is the hobo life for magical girls
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What's everyone's problem with Alice? She's a good girl.
Can't handle a strong womenz in armor.

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Skull Idle
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I want to die
I want to watch flowering heart with subs

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We Cinderella Now.

3+24 Hours left for Episode 19 Subs...

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so we've established:

-Diana returns home to take up the family estate. Aunts are selling her family stuff for dosh

-Diana also declares openly she wants to be the new head (somehow)

-Aunt says something near the end that shocks everyone a bit

-next episode is Akko and Diana teaming up?

What the aunt say at the end ?
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>Is 16
>Looks like an 8 yo

This has no right to be as heart warming and sad at the same time.

How do you keep pulling this off Kōhei Horikoshi
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You should have seen this cliche at least a dozen times if you watch sports animu.
b..but they pull it off well?
Not really?

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Make or request /a/rt
Old >>157114347
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Tamamo cosplaying Fox McCloud please. although her in Krystal's tribal 'armor' wouldn't be bad but if you end up doing the Fox one, I would really want one of her using the Shine too. Taunting like "COME ON!" would be cute.
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Kiru hair ref.png
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Requesting Amou Kirukiru cutting off her hair, similarly to the pic on the right. Maybe just using her hand instead scissors.
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Anchor for the anon doing the edit of this picture.

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BRA flashback fucking when?
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FG a best.
Grim reminder that Bert is impaired with autism.

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very nice eraser
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Oedipus complex

Is Endeavor /our hero/ ?
He's pretty cool but he's no Mineta.

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Sorry for being late again

[Side] Just a little further

62: The Battle to capture Matora
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[Right] The formidable enemy 'Mikogami Matora'
A little bit before Yaya and the cat gods crushed the sparrow tengu

"Oh you're here!"
"Where's Yoinozaka?"

[Right] Stands in the way!!
So they capture Matora and drag her back to Yuuragi-sou where she falls for Kogarashi. Got it.

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renge with her eyes and mouth turned upside-down
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renge with her eyes and mouth turned upside-down!
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>renge with her eyes and mouth turned upside-down
This is wrong and terrifying.

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Nozomi: SOLD OUT.

Umi, 8% off.

Eli: 12% off.

Kotori: 13% off.

Hayano: 14% off.

RIN: 18% OFF. KEK!!! Rin fags BTFO!!!!!!!!!!! SAME PRICE AS PRE-ORDER!!!!!!
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Ah yes, Hayano. My favorite member of Mesu.
But Nico is trash
Figmas are trash.

ITT: Couples that just need to fuck already
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TFW last translated chapter was 103 days ago.
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If Succubus doesn't win then love is truly dead.
They already did

Why is worst girl shitting on Tomoya the whole episode
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Utaha a best. A BEST.

Eriri a shit. A SHIT.
Nigga just wanted to make a fucking game, and all these thirty sluts made it personal. That's why Megumi is the best.
>Eriri only got TWO EPISODES

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What did Rem ever do to deserve this?
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Wearing her hair like that.
She did, y'know, kill him multiple times
If there's no love involved, only physical attraction, I would also prefer to fuck Emilia.

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