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What do you guys think happened with Big Mom?
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Mother Caramel doesn't look like a giant so I don't know why we are in elbaf
I think that this thread was deleted, that's what happened to her.
Franky did say the treasure tree adam was one of several round the world, so I bet that yggdrasil is another treasure tree.

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ITT: Anime characters you can defeat in a fistfight
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>being married while living away from each other
My man Sanji just can't catch a break
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It's a good thing I discovered One Piece way before /a/ existed, these threads would make me hate it otherwise.
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Will they at least get their wedding night?

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She is crazy.They are crazy.
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I'm getting motivated to watch the new episode.
Read the manga instead of you want that lewd, this was pretty tame.
Still I find the show's pretty good, even though it cuts back on the lewd and the art can't hope to reach the manga.
Feels like I'm watching something from the early 00s. This is fun.
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Shit that will never get animated.

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>Episode 10 – “Ghost Incident, Begin Investigation!”
Neji being Shinigami confirmed
We Bleach nao
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Look at that smile, poor bastard doesn't know he's about to bite it in 30 seconds.
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all for the keikaku
So it's confirmed that Hima and Boruto can see ghosts? Is that a trait every Hyuuga has, or only Hinata's children?
Summary, OP? We're in the second novel now, right?

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I'm gonna dump and translate the new Fire Punch chapter, if you don't mind.
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J: Uwaah...
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Yo, /a/, just started Hunter x Hunter 2011 and am really enjoying it. (I want Kurapika's voice actress to whisper into my ear ngl)
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Nice, it's one of the best shonen ever published.
In which arc are you watching anon?
Fuck off, don't lie to him. 2011 is superior in every way, except for the opening(s).
He's right, though. 99 had some excellent animators working on it, while 2011 is just a bunch of literally whos with only a few visually redeeming moments.

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Streams Ongoing....

Thread Theme >>>/f/3244036

11 Hours Left for Episode 19 Subs....
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1st for where's the PV.
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Well that was a whole lot of nothing.
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>Episode without Croix happens to be boring
Nothing new here.

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So how strong is Reiner exactly? Eren made it sound like Reiner was still overpowering him before Mikasa cut his knees.
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LM soon.
Stronger than Eren. Also he has the advantage of armor and having the Colossal as a teammate
BRAYH are best shingekis.

Episode 6 soon.
Back to comfy and happy times.
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Subs out.
720p out
>[HorribleSubs] Alice to Zouroku - 06 [720p].mkv
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Last week was so bad.

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So based on the latest episode, we can conclude that Frieza would still have no problems dealing with Gohan, right?
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Is boogie, dare I say it, back?
The bait is real
Definitely. Frieza can actually match SSB.

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Did she save the show?
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I don't know, but she is certainly the best girl and my wife.
Best girl for sure.
Pretty much the only fun character since the sword dude.
Reminder that Alice did nothing wrong

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Will Siscon Sergeant redeem himself for failing to protect the imouto?
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>no subject
I want to see his natural hair color when he settles down and have a family with Maika.
Will Mikoto become the Kira Yamato of Raildex?

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1.takagaki kaede
2.honda mio
3.hujiwara hajime
4.araki hina
5.kitami yuzu
6.sakuma mayu
7.murakami tomoe
8.hojo karen
9.seki hiromi
10.sagisawa humika
And all is right in the world.

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So their fight is next episode?
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>tfw can literally shit gold
I think so but it's been ages since I read that arc so don't take my word for it
I thought maybe we could have a good thread for once but then this happens

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