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PV when? Also HF thread, what are /a/ expectations for this?
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shit story . i watch fate for the girl and the fanservice and the animation !
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Just want my Shirou x Sakura content.
Realta Nua worms.

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Boku no Hero Academia
Shokugeki no Souma
The Promised Neverland
We Never Learn
Dr Stone
Robot x Laserbeam
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author comments
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Tell me about Cowboy Bebop. Why does he carry a cross?
Does posting stupid, stale memes somehow vindicate your existence? Why do you do it?
me fucking your mom

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>tfw that one doujin with the twin sisters who are total sluts for their onii-chan's cock
Onizuka is a man among gods

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No boobs as a mindless titan but gets boobs after eating a man?
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Meant to be.
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Titan shifters are more similar to the original human than mindless titans so she only have boobs in both forms after become a shifter

Which makes stupid the whole "feminine titan" thing because every titan can be feminine if the shifter is girl
What the fuck is Annie's titan power and actual name? What's supposed to do? Just call titans with a roar?

What's your favorite type of cake?
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Gentle big titted ones. I always wanted a nice busty cake to mount me and take my virginity.
commando cakes
Is there a such thing as a DFC cake, or small tiddies cake?

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Telenovela episode: Subs are out for every language except English, still waiting.
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It says here your favorite witch isn't Diana... care to explain?
You forgot your cat pic.

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It's just me that never noticed this before or there has been a rise of feetbait in promotional art for anime?
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Sorry, can't hear you while hammering my cock to Vigne's butt.
I think it's just your awakening foot fetish.
don't even joke about that

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It's time for Hresvelgr vs Gourai.

Will Gourai have her first loss or continue undefeated?
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What will be shilled today?
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Something to buff Gourai I imagine.
Holding out for Gourai getting rekt and Ao making an upgrade kit for Gourai Kai

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Saga that takes place within Universe 6 when??
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fucking wimpy looking saiyans
Never if it focuses on Cuckbba
Hit arc now
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Proud Dad.gif
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> That's my son

This scene reminded me of that time Gohan almost achieved SS, when training with Goku in the RoSaT

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>hey Misaka-san
>what if
>what if you used your powers on this seemingly occult part of a mysterious machine that started giving you nosebleeds
Misaki a retard and a murderer.
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You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.
>help me Misaka
>get your cellphone destroyed for all your trouble

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Evil armin soon
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Reiner and Ymir are lovers. Remember this.
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Warriors a best.

She doesnt need a chest like that to defend people.
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It's her air-bag for when she falls over.
why is kouhai so fat?
no she needs a shield. That's why she has a big round shield.

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Is worst girl by a considerable margin; she also has by far the worst fanbase among the series' characters. The only other bad girl in the show is Tapris, but that's because she lacked screentime.
You're a tripfaggot. Eveything you've just said bears no weight. Neck yourself.

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What makes GuP a good anime?
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Cute girls and tanks.
Great music, comedic approach to action, cast full of cute one-note girls but without overusing their gimmicks.
Do we actually have any information on the new films?

It's so far away. I miss my wife Miho

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