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Why don't we have more cute anime girls doing military things?
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Aren't we getting plenty?
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>Strike Witches
Mostly shit.
>Girls und Panzer
It's okay.
>Sora no Woto

So what else? There are other anime with military elements in them, but nothing all too similar.
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Because military themes don't lend themselves as well to otaku-pandering as the classic high school theme. Most people who watch anime seem to either be in high school or are reminiscing with rose-tinted goggles on their own missed opportunities during their high school days. Sure, military/firearms otaku definitely do exist, both in the West and in the East, but I'm willing to bet money that they're a very small fraction of the market. So why spend money on producing a show that doesn't necessarily have wide appeal to people on the most basic level? Most anime fans have never experienced being in the military I imagine and the people it might appeal to are in a small number.

Granted this entire post is held up by the assumption that the military otaku actually ARE a minority in the general anime fandom, which isn't something I have any real statistics on, only an assumption based on my own experience with anime fans.

TL;DR Why make a military anime with cute girls that might sell when you could make a high-school anime with cute girls that is almost guaranteed to sell?

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Will she job in the tournament?
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Will people accept that the saiyans with widows peaks and their families would look like white males (since its a distinct trait to white men) and the ones like Cabba would look asian?
I don't get why this triggers people so much. Do we have Tumblr in here sperging whenever white men are added into something?
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She'll give me a handjob.

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>Episode immediate 11/0 once Zamasu was mentioned
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Post mothers
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5 minutes into bath and chill when she gives you this look
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Oh don't worry I'll help you find your tits.
>Sigh... you overdid it again, didn't you?
>Just relax, I'll take care of everything for you.
>Anything in particular you want, just say so.
If this is western style bath, proceed to wash her
If that's already done and this is Japan, then time for gentle headpats.
I'd like helping people relax if they didn't mind it...
Also, comfy bath thread?

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Jarpariket 2¬!

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dumping typesetted chapters
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Sleeping in the middle of the room was Megumin, who was brought in while I wasn’t paying attention.

Just from her sleeping posture, Megumin looked really pretty.

The dash of gentle moonlight shining through the windows illuminated Megumin’s sleeping face.

Seeing her luscious black hair, I felt a strange attraction between the two of us…

…I lost myself looking at her.

Megumin isn't just a cute loli. She's a stunningly beautiful girl!
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Sorry guys, I could have funded all of season 2 but I spent it on this pass
I'd wasa her wasa.

Now that poor-posting peons have been vanquished, lets have a proper discussion.

Who's the best as being rich, and why is it Sena?
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Technically Karen is rich as fuck; it's just not typically a focus in the series.
I always forget about that, would have been cool to see her do major rich people things at any point in the series.

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>she doesn't know how popular rape fantasies are among women
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Fujiwara isn't even a little bit pure
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Yeah, I'm triggered by this page.
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Okay, this is just stupid now.

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Do you still remember Nia?
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of course, in the end she was practice for Simon fucking yoko on the lonely days.
I will always regret not watching Gurren Lagann with /a/. I wrote it off when it first aired because I'm a fucking retard.
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I had forgotten, but then friendly Genndy decided to remind me! Thanks hack!

Same here. Though I finally got around to /a/ right around 07', but I decided against it for some stupid ass reason. It got to the point where someone with a lower powerlevel than me forced me to watch it a few years down the line.On another unrelated topic, I only know the plotline to Code Geass through memes and I don't think that I could watch it or the third season without being dissapointed

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Have you ever thought about starting a career in anime?
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I'm not japanese so no.
Have you ever considered your diagnosed autism?
P e r h a p s

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I wish I was cool as miss kobayashi
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me too.
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>average introvert japanese woman with 0 social skills
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Well now you're just making it seem more obtainable.

Why do subbers have to fuck up dialogue? There is a big difference between "hai" and "wakarimashita". I'm not sure of the exact connotations in Japanese, but if it's anything like English, saying "yes' and saying "I understand what you are saying" can potentially have very different meanings. For example, saying yes in answer to a command is stating that that you do intend to follow it, whereas saying that you understand can mean that you simply are cognizant of the meaning and thoughts conveyed in the speakers words, but are not necessarily acquiescing to their request.
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Just watch out for karma demons senpai
If you know the difference why do you give a shit
>I'm not sure of the exact connotations in Japanese, but if it's anything like English
Then don't propose to speak on it, let alone criticize the decisions of another who does.

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