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Is Koe no Katachi the most arthouse mainstream anime we've had in years?

>kino-oki diagetic camera to express possible unreliable narration of Ishida
>kinesthetic representation of sound to capture deaf disability portrayal through animation craftsmanship
>Steve Reich-esque rhythm, repetition and minimalism of sound (paralleled to film structure) is key to communication-language-interpretation
>intended to obtuse information and plot/character details in favor of cryptic imagery and a particular desired aesthetic and exploration of the senses through the craft
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If arthouse becomes mainstream, would the name change?
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As expected of kinoani.
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arthouse? more like FARTHOUSE

*beep beep*

Watch out, best girl coming through

Say something nice as she moves along.
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You're a very kind archdemon.
>crashes into her
I love you

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Did he deserve it, /a/?
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no. every character in madoka is unrelatable and unlikeable except him.
Yes. Literally everything that happened was the incubators fault.
Not really, he was only protecting the universe.

Why arent there more big tall.strong muscular amazonian women in anime?!?!?!
Are all the japanese such insecure manlets they hate the idea of a girl bigger than them?
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japanese men average height is 155cm
they're really insecure about height
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>Why arent there more big tall.strong muscular amazonian women in anime?!?!?!
Because there aren't very many in Real Life?

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This is Casca Barbosa, say something nice about her.
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i wish to procreate with this woman
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The biggest box office flop of the decade. Do original anime films normally do this bad?
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>do things usually do as bad as the biggest flop of the decade?
What sort of a fucking question even is this? At least keep your shitposting internally consistent, nigger.
>The biggest box office flop of the decade
Not even close to being true.
Only Yuasa's garbage.

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Don't forget who is your Goddess
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My benis is hard and I'm drunk
Still not sure I like the fact she won. Not because I don't like her, but because Kodaka sucked soo hard towards the end.

>best girl has zero chance of winning thanks to the author's shitty brat imouto fetish

Why do I keep watching these shitshows?
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literally every single character in that series is cringe and you should feel bad for liking any of them.
Elf and Neko are literally bait.
Maybe you should stop having blatantly wrong expectations.

virtually all of higher calculus is built on the function e^(st), where s is a complex variable, e is e, and t is time.
this function does 2 things:
1. it grows exponentially at a rate equal to the real part of s
2. it spirals at a rate equal to the complex part of s

Gurren Lagann is about spirals and exponential growth.
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uhhh... arigato gyro
yet your virginity has been the same value throughout your entire life
What does Kamina's death? Limit?

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What the fuck
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really speaks to me
how many episodes before identity of chess piece revealed?

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What if my waifu exists in a parallel universe?
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you will die virgin in every timeline anyway anom
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>she was destined to win the saitobowl
>mfw a lot of people still mad that the slutty thieving princess didn't win
Right now, in a parallel universe, I'm fucking your waifu in front of you while you sit there crying and masturbating your tiny penis.

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What's she holding /a/?
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She 3D printed a save icon
The save symbol from Word.
Someone 3d printed a save button.

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fuck off spic
Successfully triggered the fatwhale American Titan

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>it's a higurashi thread

SO Rena and moon were trying to help keiichi?


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You're now married to the last character you fapped too, how fucked are you?

Something tells me the marriage would be incredibly cozy.
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thank god
I always think of my waifu when I cum, so luckily nothing changes.

Cute witch wife you got there OP.

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