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Himawari > aBortion
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Himawari is best.
what will himawari's cupsize be in the future?
A, flat is justice.

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10 KG of joy.

Doesn't make you happy? Then post the size that does.
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I hate when the character designers don't know how much things weigh.
I can enjoy breasts larger or smaller than this but these are pretty much the ideal perfect size for me.
Rias is a bit small for my tastes but her attitude compensates for a lot.

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I wish Suiryu was dead.
This arc is fucking beautiful
this, webcomic fags need to kill themself.

>people are still calling Boros a Dragon Threat Level, who survived almost four punches, while Gouketsu died to one
Boros is above Dragon, which makes him God level Threat, he also fills all the Hero Assosciation requirements for God level Threats.

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I want to get off this train.
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This is Elbaf, the strongest country in the world.
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the weakest village in the strongest country in the world
albania je srbija
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So, who did Big Mom fuck?

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Hello, dear /a/nons, it's time to pull up a chair, get comfy, and enjoy storytime for all the currently scanlated chapters of Nejimaki Kagyu.

Try to keep the image replies to a minimum so I don't need to make 6 gorillion threads, thanks.
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I went back and fixed these 2 pages since the versions up were bad.

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Time for some Kaguya.
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cuck duo.png
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Where will you be when they turn this into Kuzu no Honkai season 2?
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Nothing will form between these two, in the end curly kun and tomboy get together, screen shot this.
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Boy I sure hope you're right
Reminder this'll end with a double suicide.

Who was in the wrong here?
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Endgame right here, brothers.
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Was it rape?
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Hanji is such a good mother and wife, is not weird the manlet fuck her dog-style against the desk every night.

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SERIOUS Gohan.jpg
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This is Universe 7's Team Captain.

How fucked are they?
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I have no idea
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small dose.jpg
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Leave Gohan to me.

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How do you feel about Aqua's saggy knockers?
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I'm happy for them and the fact that they have been freed from any oppressive tools of the patriarchy.
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They're a blessing

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This is a japanese bubble.
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This is a japanese frog(waifu).
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Nejire and her mom.jpg
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This is a Japanese Dragon and her daughter
This is a BnHA shitposter.

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Raws are out. Niggastream soon.
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Here are the translations
Use them or not, I don't care
Next chapter, Saitama generously changes his mind when Suiryu offers him the prize money.
Will she get her revenge?

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Sharkteeth meido
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Sounds like song lyrics actually make sense this time. Is anyone up to deciphering track 1?
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>14 and 15

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