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Is tomochan popular in japan? Does he make money off of it? How does the one page format work?
Guess he gets money from ad revenue on zen-sen and there's actual physical tanks on sale, so it's not just 1 page only online.
Is tomo-chan popular in japan? Does he make money off of it? How does the one page format work?

How was Studio Pierrot able to draw pic related for a weekly anime like Naruto, while Dragon Ball Super/One Piece by Toei is utter shit animation wise?
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Honestly that fight was shit. I don't get why so many people enjoy it.
quality of the fight itself aside it had amazing animation for a weekly shonen
A lot of the more impressive fight scenes in Nardo was basically rotoscoped over great live action fight scenes, so that probably helped a lot.

That same technique can't really work with Dragonball because the characters all fly and shoot lasers and shit.

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They are killing off Kou
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She's retiring? Saddening but I always thought this was the inevitable result. They already had their rivalry/contests and they already worked together in a game as co-designers so the next step in the story is Aoba being the lead designer and this is the nicest way to do it. Realistically too, the suits in the upper echelons won't feasibly let Aoba take over as long as Kou is there. Now Aoba's gotta step up to the plate without Kou there at her side

Although I wonder what's next for Kou. There's still that possible storyline about the girl that quit because of her. Might make an interesting story (and cast addition since it's 100% a cute girl)
Why quit when she isn't even in retirement age yet?

Is she getting married? She's not exactly a millionaire so she has to eventually get another job soon.

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Ever see "Weird Science"? Basically that except the horny teens actually get to fuck the waifu they created.
It is a Shota that doesn't get fucked in the whole manga
Who am I?
Mindbreak/corruption rehabilitation center,

Holy shit, 2ch rumor is spreading that they are actually BLOOD RELATED and it will be revealed simultaneously
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The cliffhanger in the most recent novel made it very clear that's what will happen.
Fucking dropped
What a shock blah-blah-blah I am so surprised blah-blah-blah.

This writer is a hack.

What are you watching?
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Kemono Friends 12.2
What an absolutely worthless season
New Game S2
NTR (mfw I imagine how the threads will be)

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>Oreimo happens in 2010(Kirino is from 97)
>EMS is 2017 (there is a PS4Pro and Elf has a Switch)
>Suddently neko appears like nothing

What happened?
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Floating timeline like Marvel Comics.
Losing made her turn to black magic.
She and her family just age very slowly. She'll still look like that when she's 40.

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>draw a girl
>call it a boy
What did Railgun mean by this?
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>Seike-tan will never bury her Seike-tan deep inside you
This is your goddess for tonight.
Is there a tutorial for registering and playing the game anywhere yet?

unironically the best love story ever written
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you mean the shittiest

incest is disgusting
Is not because incest, it just plain garbage.
Both of these posters are correct

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Mister, would you like to come to our pool party? We have some root beer
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I-I'm not sure about this
>headcanon the post
Chino will never do that. Cocoa and Chiya maybe since they are mentally retard.
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>Coffee Milk
>Root Beer


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How does /a/ feel about elves?
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made for cuddling
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Elves are for ensconcing.
Hi, my name is Four and I believe all filthy Elves should be wiped out of existence.

Have a nice day.

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What was Sunrise thinking with this design?
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About my dick.
>14 years old
This is unrealistic, no 14 years old girl would look like that.

So what's her major malfunction? Is everything in the show just delusions and hallucinations?
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You'll see in the new episode.
>her major malfunction
being jewish
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>Is everything in the show just delusions and hallucinations?

This retarded theory needs to die. There is a whole side manga about the new generation of self-aware FAGs being developed and tested (By cute cake scientists) to replace the old generation of more basic FAGs that functioned more like a smart phone assistant in terms of AI.

What do Patlabor fans think of the Oshii movies?
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It'd be smarter to ask /m/, honestly OP. But I agree with >>157805405
Typical Oshii, making all of the characters sullen and down-trodden at the expense of characterization. Nao doesn't resemble the TV or the OVA character at all.

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Now that the dust has settled, I think we can all agree with this top 10.
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Where's Konosuba?
Bad/meme anime like Konosuba, Your Name, Re: Zero, Hibike, A Silent Voice and Flip Flappers obviously didn't make it to the top 10.
then why is luluco there?

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