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/a/'s official and objective aots's
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Go choke on a dick furryfaggot
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>>157728776 vs. this.

Or should a different anime go in the spring slot?

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Resurrection and rematch again SOON.
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Reminder that toriyama is a hack and delusional retards who thought the potara retcon wasn't his idea got btfo.
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Ripped Gi Goku best Goku.

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I'll start
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Serious question, why is Gochiusa the only CGDCT show that is free from /u/ posting? Unlike something like Hidamari or YrYr?

Not that it's a bad thing; what makes Gochiusa different and unique from other CGDCT shows?
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It's not free from /u/ posting, although there is probably a little less than a lot of shows.
Yuru Yuri has a lot because it's literally in the name and everyone except Akari is literally gay.
Hidamari doesn't really have that much, although no one really talks about it much at all since it's kinda old. Sae and Hiro are pretty fucking gay though.
I have seen zero /u/ posting in Gochiusa threads
SyaroxRise, ChiyaxCocoa, ChinoxCocoa

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Is your waifu well-written?
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Yes, especially in the unadapted bits.
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As you can see faggot
what is this a waifu for ants?

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>what ho, isekai MC, might you cast us a spell?
>ho ho ho ho, of course dungeon boss!
Why don't more isekai MC create good old fashioned modern artillery to fight with instead of relying on stupidly overpowered cheat skills?
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>creates weapon to fight dungeon monsters
>labels it an anti-material rifle
Fucking nip military otaku don't even know what these labels stand for.
But Arifureta MC has cheat skills up the ass.
If he didn't he wouldn't be able to make a goddamn rail gun in a cave, with a box of scraps.
>But Arifureta MC has cheat skills up the ass
Like what?
All the skills he got can be obtained by anyone, they're not special snowflake cheat skills.

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Is this a first? I've seen MILFs/cakes before but usually as very minor characters. This time she's literally the series protagonist, she even meets a weird magic guy that grants her wish and everything.
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MILFs obsessed with masturbation btw. Especially over the said shota.
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Greetings all, sorry for the long delay in our ongoing tall hijinx and lewd shenanigans programming.

A combination of not having (easy/cheap) access to the magazines for awhile, several months not having new chapters at all, the short chapter length in general, and a so-so arc all came together to delay me on this for awhile.

I'm still missing one chapter (half a dozen removed from where we are), and then I'll be up to date and hopefully posting this again with more frequency. In any case, the delay did allow for the latest tank to come out, so we have much better raws then usual.
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We last left off with Captain having packed on the pounds again, and finally snapping at Souta for his Nee-chan-centered denseness.


sfx: *pant*x7

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-Even though you...
-...don't even love me like you said.

-[Attack No.31: Play Pig Part II(2)]

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-...And, that's what she said.
-That it was my fault...
-Ahhhh, yeeeeah...
-You stress out, you put on the pounds.
-Souta-kyun HAS been awfully cold towards the Cap'n lately-de gozaru.
-That's not....
-I mean, what is it you even like about the Captain?
-What do I like...?


Imagine dedicating 24 hours a day to a sport. Imagine dedicating 24 hours a day to getting rich. Imagine dedicating 24 hours a day to any autistic endeavor like learning languages, mastering any type of skills, maths and art. Imagine dedicating 24 hours a day to feelings of emptiness and lack of purpose, like Shindo. Imagine dedicating 24 hours to a dream 365 days a year most of your life and not getting it because there are people that dedicate the same amount of time and have more talent than you, or because like Shindo nothing can fill you
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>Infinite copies of yourself doing shit all the time
>Not having to sleep is the only advantage mentioned
What the fuck.
The fragment that you identified as yourself prior to the sansa is presumably the only version of you in direct contact with the 3 dimensional universe, and therefore you still only have one 'you' for doing actual work.

Maybe there are deeper, harder to use applications for the sansa, like deep thinking across multiple you's but they havent been introduced yet.
>implying companies wouldn't just make people work 16 hours a day instead

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What have you anons been watching lately?

Personally burning through a rewatch of the Macross TV anime. Holding pretty good t.b.h.
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Macross 7
Haven't been watching much anime lately. Seen some Kodocha a while ago, but still at episode 5. And still at episode 29 of Turn A Gundam, same as weeks ago.

Anime is hard. I can never watch it, because I'm never in the mood.

Been thinking about the last episode of the second YKK OVA lately, maybe I end up finishing the anime soon.
I read pic related this week, it was pretty satisfying, although it definitely overcomplicated Shion and Mokuren's relationship more and more over their backgrounds. Mokuren was much better than Arisu, though she was okay. I lol'd heartily when Shion and Gyokuran were in huge repressed love with each other.

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Demons are for _______!
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shooting with my MOON LASER!

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Will Casca end up actually killing her self when she regain's her sanity
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What do you expect in Non Non Biyori S3?
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More of the same, which is not a bad thing. This show doesn't need to go anywhere. It's kind of the entire point.
There won't be one
More bland, shallow escapism for manchildren.

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ITT: Anime couples who need to just fuck already
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They should make blue babies together.

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previous thread: >>157662490
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please don't do this it makes you just as bad as grapefag with his last post autism
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You here grapefag?
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he has come to bless this thread with a smile, may this thread be a good one

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