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Reminder that there are people whose only experience with Berserk will be this anime.
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is plucky daijobou?
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"Season 2 has greatly improved the CGI"
For those who aren't jumping on the hate train let's discuss the anime.
Spoiler alert!
That stupid lizard apostle attacks Guts whilst he was still injured yet felt comfortable preaching about honor and strength. If Guts weren't hurt I bet he'd beat that ass in two seconds flat
Also that Armor seems cool and Badass, my theory is that it gives him a healing factor and Amps his strength but causes him to go into a Berserker state, no pun intended.I just hope he kicks that lizard guy's ass real bad
I also wonder if Guts will take up the Enchanted Axe, Axes would go better with his new Berserker mode

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BD Special 3 is out.
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My dick is also out
But is it subbed?

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Holy shit, I just finished Sketchbook and it was fucking incredible. It was easily the comfiest show I've ever seen. The OP and ED fill me with warmth, all of the characters in the art club were wonderful, and I loved the atmosphere. The whole show made me incredibly nostalgic and full of regrets about high school. I was also pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable the male characters were. In these kinds of shows, they tend to get on my nerves. The only aspect of it I disliked was the emphasis on the cats, with Kuma and Grey being the only ones I liked. How do you faggots feel about Sketchbook?
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It's breddy gud, definitely comfy and understated. Comedy bits were hit or miss, though.
It was great but an anime just about the cats would be better.
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I finished it for the first time earlier this week. It is some comfortable stuff. Just pure calming.

Also, Kate is my favorite example of a foreign transfer student in anime, purely for her pronunciation.

Why is she so beautiful?
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but she's not. In fact she's canonically intended to be ugly
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She isn't
I'm an asukafag but I just rewatched the rebuilds and I actually really liked Rei Q. Definitely my favorite incarnation of Rei.

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I don't think you understand what trinity means.
Panty and Stocking, and most of the things on that
list are the opposite of pretentious. I agree with Ergo Proxy though
>holy trinity
>posts 7 images
holy wow

You big dumb nerd.
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When is Hisao birthday?
You mean Misao? July 20
Konata is not dumb

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So who was stronger by the end of the series?
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By Sasuke's own admission, Naruto. Supposedly because Sasuke went all out to kill Naruto while Naruto always held back ending in a tie. Had Naruto tried to kill Sasuke he could have.

I hate how Sasuke is always shown to be stronger though.

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What am I in for?
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A wild ride. You really should judge for yourself, because there are some controversial opinions about some of this shows episodes and some anons will try to paint them in a certain way. Maybe just to shitpost. Just watch the anime and enjoy.

If you are one of these guys that likes to speculate, you should look up:
The concept of "umwelt"
The "great mother archetype" by Carl Gustav Jung

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What happened to Sana-kan's face ?
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I miss those kind of animation.

Whatever they were called.
It got moed by kyoani
cool, gantz

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What is the third best anime studio behind Kyoto Animation and Doga Kobo?
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1. KyoAni
2. Science Saru
3. KyoAni Do
It's funny because I almost used this picture to start the thread instead. Ichigo a cute.

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I’ll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.
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I'll have one Chiya, please.
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Sorry that one is reserved for Kon.

Just because she's throwing everything she has into a dead end profession, that doesn't mean she will inevitably become a burger flipper.

She could be a strip dancer or a prostitute

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So what will the next Naruto clone be?
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But I know who the next All Might clone will be.
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best mineta x momo.jpg
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I love MineMomo.
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Did anyone make a good quality webm of the anime version of this

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>best openings in the history of anime.

this gets my vote

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>put my grasses on
>things are still wong

this op lied to me
its foreshadowing the end of berserk. bravo Miura
I legit live it too

I don't remember there being so many Erunes on Auguste.
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Gran x Lyria is OTP, they need to kiss by the season's end.
Never going to happen.
Why? They push it really hard in both the game and the anime.

How old was she at the last episode?
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I believe that mid 20s.
Chronologically or biologically?
Tens of thousands of years.

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