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Hyped ?
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I don't think I can die content without having seen Owarimonogatari.
Are we getting date part 2?
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Yeah. I can't wait for this season to finally end.

>Sony President announcing that F/GO will get more anime to investors
>F/GO making millions of dollars during May because of the CCC event

There is no stopping Fate now. All of Aniplex's money is going to it for now on.

Can't wait to see people claiming Jeanne Alter as their waifu once the order is animated.
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How much it has been making in China
>Can't wait to see people claiming Jeanne Alter as their waifu once the order is animated.
It's too late for them, I already claimed her multiple time on /fgog/, also max grailed, max fou'd and max skilled.
F/GO was a mistake

Hey /a/

Dungeon Meshi's english release came out today.
Lets give it a read.
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download link
Skipped a black blank page cause whynot I got almost 200 of these to post.

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Childhood is worshipping Saber. Adulthood is realizing Rider was the best girl.
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Childhood: Fate
Adolescence: Tsukihime
Naive Adulthood: KnK
Wizened Adulthood: Koori no Hana
Swap naive adulthood and adolescence and you got a list there bud
Why is literally no one translating this? Manga seems pretty good so far, and the movies will probably take heavily from it.

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Noticed that we're missing a thread for the best show this season for fun.

Has this made any of you buy any kits?
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Ao is getting married!
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with Gourei!

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No shipping shit please.
Yes if the irfag comes here to carry out their 'threat' PLEASE IGNORE THEM!
Who is the hottest bitch in that pic?

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>When the Keikaku go as Keikaku'd.
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>You need intense training to awaken the Byakugan

Are these people forgetting how Himawari unlocked her's?
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This is the face of a 26-year-old man. How does that make you feel, /a/?
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Boruto will have Quincy arrows
>white eyes
>tatoo powerup

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New chapter soon. Eclipse in the chapter afterwards as we apparently haven't seen Casca getting raped often enough.
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Friendly reminder that Griffith did nothing wrong, Donovan was an honest business man and Haitus until 2018
I'd say he was more of fitness coach.
Do you know why the song Forces is called Forces?
Because it foreshadows Griffith's ascension into Casca's Blanca

The Littlest, Lewdest Witch Edition
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Kill yourself.
Stop that.

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What happens to ongoing media when they've had their main character taken out into the real world? The story has to keep going without them after all.
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>What happens to ongoing media
Why would anything happen to it?
Nothing, obviously.
If a character dies Hime jumps into one of the billions of AUs and pulls another one.

There is only one original Hime do not steal my idea please

Rin has some nice _____
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pleases old men
blackmail/ntr doujins

So why don't Amira and the other girls wear hijabs? Aren't they Muslim?
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Steppe Muslims are weird. The pagans of the steppes were pretty synchretic in their beliefs (meaning they pretty much picked up everything they came across and brewed it into their own thing) so their version of Islam probably never abandoned some pagan beliefs and practices. Kind of like how Mexican Catholics have entire meals on the graves of their ancestors and unironically have a saint of drugrunners.
Also, why does Pariya have dreads?
Because classic Muslim women look horrible. Why can't Muslims adapt a better clothing etiquette for women? Amira looks good.
>unironically have a saint of drugrunners
Fucking shit that I hope disappear sooner or later.

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madman color.png
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Spoilers in 10 hours or so

How injured will Deku be after the raid on the Yakuza hideout?
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That dude must have incredible pain tolerance

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Fuck Mikoto for killing the sexy robutt
Don't mind if i do.
>Fuck Mikoto
No need to tell me

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hobo flirting.jpg
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What kind of behavior would be appropriate in such situation?
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Give her the armored d.
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Make a fag squad and convince Eren to join.

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