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Why is she so lovely?
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Smug/cheeky personality + 10/10 body.
And isn't afraid to date men of different colors! What a stand up women,
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Season 2 or VN when?

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DanMachi volume 12 is out. Posting the illustrations.
All spoilers taken from the wiki.

If you guys want the whole volume keep the thread alive until I screenshot the shit out of it.
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Aisha on the title page.
Thanks OP.
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Prologue: Gods and Blood and Children and Stories
Chapter 1: Rabbit x Closeup
Chapter 2: Adventure Intermission
Chapter 3: New World ~Water Island~
Chapter 4: Hunter of the Waterfront
Chapter 5: The Bride of the Water City
Chapter 6: Hero's Sacred Fire
Epilogue: The Gale's News

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Make or request /a/rt
Previous thread >>157502696
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Blue Rose Karina.jpg
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Karina at a fast food place (like with her friends or whatever) holding an onion ring and imaging being married to Kotetsu (Wild Tiger) and even having it on her ring finger. And to request Blue Rose, her wearing the virgin killer sweater or something to do with her ice powers.
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za ultimate gagfag request.png
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Should he have been eaten?
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Annie is love.
Annie is life.
Annie is a miracle of the universe.
Annie may have done some things wrong but she is still a beautiful person inside and out.
Do you watch the show with any anime-only friends?
If so, how are they finding season 2 so far?
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endgame right here, brothers.

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translated chapter out, dumping
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Hey villain, ever heard these words?
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Are you looking up obscure words in your dictionary right now?
Is that how you intend to "fight" me?
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Shoo stop staring at my ass.webm
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Who would stare at an ass that flat?

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I'm going to marry Ranma!
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Shut up Ryoga, you 2-timing bastard.

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The bitch trio is OK!
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>little sales academia
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Please don't call Diana and Barbara "bitch", they are cuties

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ep8 Sunrise
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Is there any better feeling than being a long time reader, looking back after the latest chapter and seeing just how far we've gone?

This feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment is something that is hard to find and hardly any other manga managed to give me.

It hurts to know that in a few years TG will probably be over, it will be one of those mangas that you'll never forget, at least once it's all over you'll be able to look back and say

"Well, those were the time"
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How can people read this crap?
Oh wait, forgot I'm on 4chan, filled with edgy 13 years old
Currently in my top 3 manga I've ever read and I'm in the hundreds.

I wish I was 13 though. Feels kinda shit being an adult
Can't remember the last time the MC wasn't a beta bitch boy and actually got the best girl AND fucked, LET ALONE GET A WHOLE FUCKING CHAPTER OF FUCKING.

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Kaguya or Yuzuru?
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The one with purple bikini.
Both is the only acceptable answer
The Facebook group already finished the vol. 15 translation.
But the file is locked by a password.

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U6 Saiyans are best Saiyans. Prove me wrong.

You can't.
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They're lame.
dubs for kale
File: 1495430527729.png (413KB, 1900x1900px)Image search: [Google]
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your right i can't
anyway what does Futa saiyan milk taste like?

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styko in 2d.jpg
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They actually did it.

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I want Bukiko's breasts in 3D.
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I want to ____ Ao's _______.
They did it in the opening

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Are you ready for the best girl?
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My body is ready but my mind isn't
Your mind is part of your body.

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Murata is back with the daily streaming, two days left before the new chapter's release.
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At least he's stopped crying.
>ONE is always a slow faggot with the storyboard
>even though his shit art will take less than a couple of hours to storyboard
>instead of Murata having 14 days to work on the manga, he has 4-5 days to finish up ~20 pages

Why is ONE such a lazy faggot?
>he has 4-5 days to finish up ~20 pages

Look at the op screenshot, he plans to do more than 35 pages.

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