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Do you like Metal slug? Were it to get a proper anime adaptation in a proper format would you prefer something in the following's style:


or something like the pachislot for Metal slug 3?
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>thinking the young man knows about metal slug
i feel like this situation could've been solved quicker if fio just used her grenades
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All the noobies forget to use their grenades. Or maybe she used them all up earlier.

Another scenario: http://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1495532234454.webm

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Who is the best Jojo and why is it Johnny?
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>Who is the best Jojo and why is it Johnny?
It's Gappy.
I like Jonathan. Not because he is the most enthralling or developed, but because he sets a standard for all future Jojos and I loved his duality with Dio
I didn't get much constructive feedback last thread so I'll repost my question
So I only just recently finished the anime for part 4 and wanted to start part 5, but I couldn't get into it as I started getting migranes a few pages in. Should I an hero? Wait till the anime? What should I do?

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Was kenny ackerman waste of a good character? or just a plot device?
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Endgame right here, brothers.
EZ best ship
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Post your favorite reaction pic.
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I don't even know where is it from.

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Late night time for a fright
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It's noon here. Stop being American-centric, you un-friend.
Australian friend?
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You're just a cheap knockoff America that people find cute anyways
just like the OP image

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What makes evil cowtits so best?
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Incestuous (?) kisses
Everyone knows DFC is top tier
Not best enough to get fan art porn

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So, how H&B will react after Akko successfully bring Diana back to Luna Nova ?
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Stop liking shoehorned romance and shoehorned characters.
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Previously on Little Witch Academia
I just wanna bully diana even more now

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All Yuyus are equally prepossessing. Yukari is simply more equallier prepossessingieriesterererererererererer. Er.
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>tfw still god
Digibro said he doesnt like Yuyushiki and dropped it after 2 episodes
He sounds like an evil person stop following him.

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New web novel chapter when? Both for arc 5 translation and arc 6 raws.
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Who knows? When Tappei is updating, it's usually a chapter every few days.

Anyhow, there seems to be a character named "Tia" that everyone likes from the new Rem IF novel, going by twitter comments. Some people apparently wanted Rem and Subaru to adopt her.
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Oh, and someone mentioned Capella in a tweet about the book. Not sure why she'd be brought up, but there you have it. As far as I can decipher, it seems things didn't start out so well for them.

ITT: Cheaters that had to fight unfairly to win against the superior fighter
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ok let's do it quick and move on to the next thread

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Was killing two people really necessary here?
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Why didn't Goku use Kaioken against Black in the anime?
>Dragon Ball antagonist

Leave the son of that evil Saiyan to me.

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ITT: Anime characters you can imagine being school shooters.
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I can't see here doing it honestly. She seems less upset about other people and more anxious about how she appears to them

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>The Manlet and Jinbei can't handle Katakuri
I am now convinced Zoro is the strongest on the ship.
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This is now a SaNami thread
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Moria is a better pirate than Blackbeard.

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Says 新作アニメ制作決定 on the obi
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Cool. Koma-chan is cute
Sticky this shit
My guess it's the OVA.
I don't think they have enough material for s3

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