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>a fucking shield
>a fucking stick
>a fucking machete
>a fucking... thing
>no armor
>no endless weapons
>no gold
>no desestabilization of the economy
Stop bullying Momo, she didn't choose her quirk, it's not her fault. It's only how she is.
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She has one of the best Quirks, but she sucks using it
It's funny how the general opinion have change towards momo, and not only the animefags. I guess we never realize how powerful her quirk is and how much is it wasting on her.
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Is anyone aware that Jirou was about to cut some niggas even though she wanst to be a hero?

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We chuuni!Bort now.
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I didn't even realize the other thread had reached the bump limit. Anyway this episode was really cute and Boruto himself isn't as bad as people make him out to be.
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Keikaku Doori.jpg
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>We did it, Neji
>We did it
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hyuuga plot.gif
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Hyuuga pride world wide!

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And people said the rape has ended.
It just began.
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>Oh no raped women! We've never seen this before!
Anyone who has the slightest amount of experience with goblins won't give a shit except the two noobies that tagged alone.
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Where are you now dogfag?
Wich one? The one who at first just suggested to use a few dogs for patrol or the one who seriously tought dogs was the answer to any problem as long as you threw enough of them to goblins?
I am the first one, and i really feel sorry for summoning the second one

Sagiri is for
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me only.
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Why are the Japanese LN publishers so incompetent?
They made a LN contest, accepted the applications, held a vote, collected all the votes, published the results, and only then did they disqualify one for breaking the rules.
Was it not obvious as soon as the application was submitted that it was twice over the page limit? Why not disqualify it as soon as it was submitted?

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Linlin was 5 years old at that time and both her parents are normal humans but still, her height was at 5m already. And because of her physique and tendencies she caused chaos at her hometown. As a result, she was sent to Elbaf by her own.

Elbaf and Carmel’s Explanation:
100 years ago, the Giant Crew were causing chaos everywhere but one day, the 2 captains suddenly disappeared and became legendary figures. Because they lost their leaders, the remaining crew members were caught by the Marines and were about to get executed but a young Sister named “Sister Carmel” appeared. She explained that if the Giants are to be executed now, then this would anger the whole Giant tribe and other humans would get harmed because of it. Eventually, people started calling Carmel, as “Mother” and she welcomed kids to her “Sheep’s House” regardless of their race.

Linlin was one of the kids that were welcomed to the “Sheep’s House.” Because of Linlin’s innocent character, she attempted to rip off the arm of a Long Arm tribe kid or tried to cut off the fin of a fish man. But even then, Carmel didn’t blame Linlin for her actions, but instead tried to convince the other kid’s to get along with her.
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In b4 that faggot

"Big Mom is a giant" fags BTFO
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>Robin in between Sanjis legs
Robin fucking Sanji canon by Oda

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Everyone's ready for /a/ having a hundred code geass threads daily again?
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Not like we don't have them anyway.
Real PV fucking WHEN
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oh child.jpg
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What happened to the berserk thread? Anyway chapter 350 soon. Lewdening incoming.
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>No Casca
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I was in the middle of typing wtf mods?
why do the fucking characters still look so retarded?

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Episode 8 preview


We /u/ now
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Seems like a breakup.
Being /u/ comes with the becoming a magical girl pack, I'm sure it's written in their contract somewhere.

Mamika is going to die, isn't she?
Death flags galore for Mamika

pls no

Talk about the cute or sexy mechanical maidens as well as post pictures of them.

Especially pictures of broken robot girls, those are pretty sexy IMO.
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Just reminding that this is a blue board.
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Is Kokonoe Rin from the Japanese Manga series Kodomo no Jikan by Kaworu Watashiya the sexiest loli character in anime and/or manga?
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Not while Shinobu exists
>Kodomo no Jikan author is a woman
I was shocked
Well Rin is literally her child self.

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Why is Krueger so based?
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How many fingers has he chopped off?
>watching the high school series
This is torture
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Did Pieck do anything wrong /a/

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Almost time for our weekly Duel Links advertisement
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Is it still 66?
Is it tonight even?
Should be, since we got shifted from sundays to wensdays

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Try to not get the thread 404'd this time lads
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Vote if you haven't.
It is surprisingly even.
They release Grand Trskelion. Akko, Sucy, Lotte, Diana, Hannah, Barbara, Amanda, Constanze, and Jasminka are trasported 1500 years in the past.
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2 days fag
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2 days until MADNESS
bike zip up your pants

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ITT: Try to guess the best girl in a show you've never watched

Pic related, gonna guess it's eyebrows or possibly the far right one.
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Definitely the husbando pillow one
It's definitely eyebrows.
Daki best girl.

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