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Iroha, or death?

Also, where the fuck is the next volume?
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With every passing day it's more and more likely that the answer is never.
With the series dead its safe to declare Yukino the default winner
But Yukino loves Hayato

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The moment he dies all hell breaks loose and studios will try to cannibalize each other to get the rights of a 150 episodes Touhou anime.
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Touhou has been losing ground for years now. It's way past its peak.
It's all about mobages now if the porn is any indicatoin
The fad is over. Newer generations who enter the otaku world don't even know about Touhou (or know vaguely).

Would you forgive her?
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No and if they forgive her because muh friendship I'm calling it quits.
For such a horrendous battle harem it lacks the fanservice to keep me going.
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Akashic Records Swimsuits.jpg
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How can anyone stay mad at this little cutie?
>if they forgive her because muh friendship I'm calling it quits.
It won't be how you and everyone else think it'll be

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>those eye lashes
Wow, I don't remember Ayase being this pretty.
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>passing up not one but two dark haired beauties for his degenerate sister
MC was a fag
>actually downloading Tokyo MX rips
That was sort of the point. Kyousuke admitted freely that nothing he was doing was rational, he was definitely making the wrong choice, and he was probably ruining his life.
None the less he felt obligated to acquiesce to Kirino's demands and chose the incest route.

You're not supposed to think he made the right choice, you're supposed to admire Kyousuke's ability to stick with his feelings when he had had literally every reason to abandon them.

No friends, no family, a completely fucked social life, but god damn it he stuck to his beliefs to the very end and I can respect him for that.

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no one knows who my waifu is

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We can all agree with this, correct?
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Half right
No, fuck off.
Friendly reminder to sage if you intend on replying to this garbage thread.

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>Remember ssj was a legendary warrior who appeared once a millenia and was powerful enough to save his whole race?
>Yeah turns out you juts gotta flex your back bro xdxddD
Im pretty sure nobody takes this shit seriously anyway. I wouldnt even be mad if krillin went ssj god and win the tournament for them at this point
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>>Remember ssj was a legendary warrior who appeared once a millenia and was powerful enough to save his whole race?

Then they ruined it even more with that SSJ God ritual sit.
>he still thinks about story consistency with Super
Its a pure cash grab. Made to cater to the lowest common denominator.
is there any shonun with more asspulls than dragonball z?

Pre-2000 anime thread. What are you watching, /a/? Does Hitomi ever stop being a cock-teasing bitch?
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Started Turn A tonight. it sure is something.
I've been watching Argento Soma, it's a pretty good Eva clone.
The protagonist's backstory is interesting enough to make up for the shitty animation and obnoxious retard loli.
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Watching Layzner and Orguss

I can't believe the humans lost. Because, well, filthy communists aren't human, so you can't call the villagers human. And the only people that embodied the free human spirit were brutally killed. Is this the only anime where the villains win?
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Yep, it's a tragic anime where the hero loses.
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>tfw the objectively best character unknowingly helped the villains win
They'll all just die off eventually. All evil is temporary.

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Is the 40 chapters leak real?
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We'll know on Monday.
His record is 30 and that was literally because Japan was hit by an earthquake and subsequent tsunami. 40 is impossible.

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First Kirara adaptation by A-1 Pictures
>The story centers on a girl named Maika who gets a job at a cafe where all the waitresses are given certain attributes — such as "tsundere" or "little sister" — to embody while serving customers. The manager asks Maika to be the "Do S" (extreme sadist) waitress, so she will have to adopt a dominant and aggressive persona.
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Will watch for trap.
SoL anime is saved.
Cgdct of the decade

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Was Carmel the previous user of Dragon's weather DF?
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>Was Carmel the previous user of Dragon's weather DF?
And we are off to a shit start.
Heed me, drawfags!
I known that many of us were upset with the Vinesmoke's power rangers colors but I honestly think that Ichiji looks great with his red colors.

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ITT: We post a plebeian anime and the patrician equivalent
I will begin

Pleb: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Patrician: Hades Project Zeorymer

Pleb: Patlabor
Patrician: Dominion

Pleb: Zeta Gundam
Patrician: Char's Counterattack

Pleb: MD Geist
Patrician: MD Geist II Death Force

Pleb: Gundam 08th MS Team
Patrician: Armor Hunter Mellowlink

Pleb: K-On
Patrician: Love Live

Pleb: Urusei Yatsura
Patrician: Yawara

Pleb: Macross Frontier
Patrician: Macross Delta
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smug anime girl 24.jpg
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>Pleb: K-On
>Patrician: Love Live
opinion discarded
shirow's series are shit compared to patlabor

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seriously why does he love atem so much
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Because his passion is card games and he wants to be the best
im still mad. this is literally Blueballing The Movie
really? then way he didn't stop chasing after atem when yugi almost defeated him.

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fantastic idea.png
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Still remember them /a/?
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Don't make me.
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How could I ever forget?
god I fucking hated the threads for this show.
It was so obvious the posters there were newfags trying to recreate the "trainwreck" experience as seen with anime like Guilty Crown and Valvrave.
It was so forced and pathetic to watch unfold.

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