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The past 20 minutes without Touka's face on the front page were heartbreaking
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>Touka will never leglock you
Wish I could smell her scent
Wow we still haven't gotten over this I see

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Is she going to be redeemed?
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What did Oda's staff mean by this?
Linlin did nothing wrong.
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Not if she dies

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Kemono Enemies
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Cryptids are cute

Things to like about Ueno

>loyal to her husbando
>knows how to banter
>sexy slender body
>best thighs
>uninterested eyes
>cute mannerisms
>great onee-chan to her little bros
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only good thing about her is how fucking hot she is
She's really pretty.
Reminder >>157659279 that you're not good enough for her

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Top : The face of True Evil, or....
Middle : The face of Defeat by Evil being, or....
Bottom : The face of Yay being ripped out from her body & mind

PV Pics Are out

Episode 21 Summary :

>Akko heard that the Akko got the 6th Word by climbing the legendary tree "Wagandia". Akko wishes to go to Wagandia right away but Ursula tells her that climbing Wagandia at this time of the year is dangerous. However, later that day Akko is invited by Croix to Wagandia; desperate to catch up with Chariot, Akko decides to ignore Ursula's warning and accepts.

Looks like from here there are no Doki Doki Waku Waku anymore faggots, enjoy the SUFFERING.
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What a cute couple!
More like little shit academia

Can you handle the Madness?
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Is that the BikeFairy version of this?
Sasuga chinks. To think we were worried about having to wait weeks.

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Chapter 11 of NoWaYu was ruined once again by Shiratori. The diary
got rushed to give more pages to Shiratori.
The sisters in Wakaba's imagination were very cute.
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Scorpio-kun great moment when?
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That's a really black-haired Chikage. Is Chikage the old Sonoko?
The chapter is translated on /u/ already.

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>[HorribleSubs] Saekano S2 - 07 [720p].mkv
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>this is the only thread
Dead fanbase.
Utaha a best. A BEST.

Eriri a shIt. A SHIT.
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I..I want to do unspeakable things to Megumi like..
Holding hands

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Meet Big Mom's first husbands.
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Did she rape them or what?
linlin did nothing wrong
caramel did nothing right

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Do you worst.
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I am Cocoa-san. I am literally Cocoa-san.

Say something nice about me!
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Your wife Chino is cute.
I love you, best girl from Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?
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What do you think of my girlfriend who is going to marry me soon, Sharo-chan?

Chapter in a hour or two. Get hype as Murata confirmed it concludes this arc.
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is it out?
Minute not hour you dum dum.

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This is your commander for the rest of your military career
Say hi to her
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I might as well kill myself before I have to listen to her insane orders.
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>always is able to lead her company to victory with minimal to no losses
>is actually more competent and forward thinking that the higher ups who she constantly schools about military tactics
>insane orders
>Killed 2 people because they didn't listen to once

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Who is your favorite girl and why?
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Narancia best grill
Lisa Lisa
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is this the hot new theory that explains why jotaro and dio has the same type of stand?

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Is the author trying to make Naruto unlikable so that the backlash for his death in the future isn't as bad? If not I can't understand the shitty way they are characterizing him.

A weaker and less experienced version of himself had a single clone fight and defeat multiple Kages and also face down Madara before disappearing but he can't have one do paperwork?

Also we're 8 episodes in and hes shown a grand total of zero displays of affections for his wife and kids. His wife makes dinner but he can't be fucked eating and heads straight to bed. His daughter calls out to him when he comes home, no response. Boruto him he unlocked and ability his immediate reaction is to not believe him. What the fuck?
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Soon he'll be having an affair

With Sasuke?
Isnt she like hanabi that she'll forever be some irrelevant virging little sister whos at best going to be used as a damsel in distress to give her brother a motivationt to do something.

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