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Linlin was 5 years old at that time and both her parents are normal humans but still, her height was at 5m already. And because of her physique and tendencies she caused chaos at her hometown. As a result, she was sent to Elbaf by her own.

Elbaf and Carmel’s Explanation:
100 years ago, the Giant Crew were causing chaos everywhere but one day, the 2 captains suddenly disappeared and became legendary figures. Because they lost their leaders, the remaining crew members were caught by the Marines and were about to get executed but a young Sister named “Sister Carmel” appeared. She explained that if the Giants are to be executed now, then this would anger the whole Giant tribe and other humans would get harmed because of it. Eventually, people started calling Carmel, as “Mother” and she welcomed kids to her “Sheep’s House” regardless of their race.

Linlin was one of the kids that were welcomed to the “Sheep’s House.” Because of Linlin’s innocent character, she attempted to rip off the arm of a Long Arm tribe kid or tried to cut off the fin of a fish man. But even then, Carmel didn’t blame Linlin for her actions, but instead tried to convince the other kid’s to get along with her.
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After 10 years, the Giant tribe have acknowledged Linlin as part of their village, and she plays along with other Female Giant kids. At the same place, a young Hajrudin is training. Two giants are watching him. Former captains of the Giant Crew and the oldest warriors: Waterfall Beard Yoruru (344 years old) and Mountain Beard Yaruru (345 years old)

At Elbaf, during the 12 days of the Winter Solstice festival, they have a tradition of fasting and thanking the sun. And before they start the fasting, they always eat a delicious sweet called “Semura”Linlin absolutely loved eating the snack called Semura. Linlin’s fasting was successful for the first 6 days but on the 7th day, her syndrome kicked off, and she loses her control and destroyes the Giants’ village. Yoruru accuses Linlin for being a disguised Demon, and despite Carmel defending her, they decide to execute Linlin.
Elbaf literally jobbed to a 15-year-old girl.
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He's in.

RIP in pieces, my sweet princes.
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RIP in peace Gouketsu. Gone but not forgotten.
Dumb frogposter.

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Was Vegeta meant to do the SSG ritual before Resurrection of F?
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What would honestly happen if Vegeta got to win for once?
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>cladding themselves with the ki of gods

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Are you all ready for the queen to return?
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I was waiting for the new thread but not with this shit.
>The sound of a thousand landwhales screeching in stampede as I ride my boat and harpoon the beasts.

Yes, Ishida pleases me.
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>Touka and Kaneki holding hands from now on
>Touka and Kaneki with sex hair
>chapters with them waking up in bed together
>more chapters with them fugging
Can't wait.

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All waifus are adorable, be sure you let her know how much she means to you, anon!

Let's get things rolling!

How would you celebrate one of you getting a promotion?

How well would you work together doing the same job? Either their job or yours?

You're loved one has a bring your hubby/wifey to work day, how do you think they'd make showing you around their work more fun?

How well would the do at your job? How about your dream job?

Remember to compliment a waifu today! Yours are all stunning.
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>How would you celebrate one of you getting a promotion?
I guess we would go to some nice restaurant and have a nice date.
>How well would you work together doing the same job? Either their job or yours?
If we had to do something together, it would probably be something simple, because we are not really compatible skill-like. Maybe flower or music shop.
>How well would the do at your job? How about your dream job?
She can't program so she wouldn't really be able to do it.
>reddit spacing
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>How would you celebrate one of you getting a promotion?
More likely than not, we'd go out for a fancy meal there and then at some buffet, and spend a long while stuffing our faces without a care in the world.
The only problem is... our combined enthusiasm doesn't usually extend far enough to actually think these things through, and after we've paid the bill and are on the walk home, only then does it click that 'oh wait, payday is still two weeks away'.
Less immediately though, a bunch of things we've been eyeing get ordered to basically completely remove all of the extra money I'd be earning with the new promotion because websites letting you pay later is terrible.

>How well would you work together doing the same job? Either their job or yours?
My job is basically IT, she'd do a pretty great job of it since she's computer literate, and since we get a fair bit of free time we could have a bunch of fun showing each other cool things on the internet or watching whatever we wanted to catch up on with our PCs synchroni-
...actually, that isn't really a 'worky' thing to do though, is it?
She's still in college, and as much as I've struggled with higher education I'm pretty sure I'd fare a lot worse doing what she does, haha.

>You're loved one has a bring your hubby/wifey to work day
Considering college, I doubt much work would get done if I was there too. Both of us are a little bit too pranksterish to be trusted in a lecture together like that, haha. Seeing around the campus would be fun, but really the only hugely exciting stuff is all the specialist equipment (which she makes up stories about being cooler and more dangerous than it is) and the food court.
I mean, we can talk plenty about the food, but it's not really the most exciting thing. I would have to remind her that as cool as using the college's layout would be for a game's map, that's historically not a particularly great idea, haha.

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Left or right?
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Left. Saya holds no romantic appeal to me, but I could easily fall in love with Kirin

Claudia a best. A BEST.
Left. She looks like she'd be into hardcore hand holding

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I can't be the only one jonesing for more Tomo so this thread is for hiatus bitching and all things Tomboy. All tomboys and reverse traps are welcome. Mochis & Pocket dykes too.
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Tomo was a mistake.
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Posting the last arc to get things going
I prefer some breaks over the mangaka dying because of "sudden cold" again.

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Precure thread
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What else happens in the Suite novel?
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DAjJkIsXcAI43TJ.jpg orig.jpg
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>Episode 19: The Genius Patisserie, Kiraboshi Ciel!
It's time.
>Kiraboshi Ciel is a genius 13-year-old patisserie who has had great success in Paris

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23 years have passed.
But I...do not age.
Time, has stopped it's effect on me
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dio narrator.png
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I agree. Her interactions with Polnareff were great

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I love isekai, they satisfy my nekomimi fetish
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You don't need to have isekai to have cute nekomimi girls. They can be aliens or yokai or even completely unexplained and I would still be happy. Truly nekomimi are the power that drives the force of love throughout the multiverse
I approve
The MC in that seems to be a loli magnet.

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Leave Cabba to me.
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DBS manga volume 3.jpg
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Leave jobbing to me
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If Kale will not have a disco transformation like Broccoli i riot.

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ITT: Worst girls of their respectives series in which we all agree
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Worst Konosuba Girl.jpg
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Only if every anime shows had a girl as fabulous as Ueno

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Do you have to make 10 threads at the same time?
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Have you read the mango? Bitch is fucking awesome.
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Best girl

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Episode 8 dropping in 2 hours
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Will there be any butt-slapping this week?
So it's now Ririko's turn to get her DRAMA time
Hows the show holding up /a/, watched the first episode and thought it was cute. Might watch it all when it finishes

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(Official) https://twitter.com/kemo_anime
(Serval VA) https://twitter.com/yuka_bushi
(Arai VA) https://twitter.com/OnoSaki1126
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So what was the details about mutiple new Kemono Friends game being developed? pls be on vita
Sales when?
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What is the point of those?

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