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LineArtAnon is /ourguy/
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everyone wants to fuck or be friends with Sucy.
Literally who?

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Erwin was a good man
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Sieg a best.
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Endgame right here, brothers.
I think I forgot who that even is. Speedread I guess.

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Why didn't Homu just kill walpurgis with the other characters?
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She was antisocial and couldn't work well in groups.
Because Sayaka and Mami are psychopaths who ruin every timeline

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How is this acceptable in the village?
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the same reason why orochimaru is allowed to go free
she is the village rapist
Uchiha's are an endagered species.

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What is Konami trying to tell us here?
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duel when?
So Revolver is Hispanic, that's cool.
Probably really soon.

Surprise, the whole world's got idles!
(It's faster than ever!)
Feeling high like you're finally awake
(show me your idoling')
Once you're on the road to destiny
(keep chasing forever)
There's no way to go in reverse...
All you need is aidle!
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Why'd the last thread get pruned?
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this is why we don't write Edition in the OP friends

Have a cute Kaban

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Same author as Takagi-san

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Where were you when BikeFairy became canon?

full video when?
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Is Otabek really the kind of boy Fairy can take home to grandpa?
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why is he such a blessing?
He folds his scarf. He's the perfect gentleman.

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Broly GOD.jpg
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How high is his power level?
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When does the new synopsis for the next episode come out? Kinda starting to doubt Kale transforms then.
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Reminder Vegeta was supposed to do the Super Saiyan God ritual offscreen between movies, but the anime fucked it up.

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Spoiler pics soon.

Chapter title is "NATURAL BORN DESTROYER".

Big Mom's height was already more than 5 meters when she was 5 years old although her parents were normal humans.
Her big body and innocent personality caused a large damage to her hometown, which is why she was exiled to Elbaf.

*Explanation about Elbaf and Carme

Giant Pirates terrified the world 100 years ago, but it became a legend ever since 2 captains disappeared one day.
A young Sisiter named Carmel appeared when the rest of the members of Giant Pirates were captured and about to get executed by Marine.
She said , "If Marine execute them, it would add hatred of Giants and humans will be retaliated by them".

Carmel began to be called as Mother (Holy Mother) and she opened a facility called "Sheep's Home",
which protects children who have no other place to go no matter what race and status they belong.

Big Mom visited Sheep's Home. Her innocent personality caused her to try to tear off a hand of Long Arm tirbe children and a filet of Fishmen.
Carmel didn't accuse of her and persuade other children to get along well with Big Mom.
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10 years later

Big Mom was accepted even among Giants. She was hanging around with a Giant girl at an avenue, At the avenue, Hairudin was training himself.

Two Giants watched over him kindly. One is named "Waterfall Beard "Yoruru (344 years old) and the other is named "Mountain Beard" Yaruru (345 years old),
who were the oldest warriors in the world. They had been the captains of Giant Pirates before.

There was a custom in Elbaf that they need to do fasting and thank to sun for 12 days until Winter Solstice Festival.
They were supposed to eat many sweets called "Semura" before the fasting. Big Mom ate huge amount of Semura in Giant village since she was addicted to it.

Fasting started. Big Mom endured for 6 days, but her "Craving Sickness" occurred at the 7th day. She devastated the village of Elbaf.

Yoruru convicted Big Mom that she is Evil God who pretends to be a kid. He decided to execute her despite Carmel's persuasion.
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2nd for Sanji x Nami.
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Doffy comeback when

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Imouto or nee-chan, /a/?
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Imouto. Always imouto.
Imouto x Onee-chan is the only real answer.

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How thick is too thick?
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Well not that. We can go thicker.
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Is this some kind of metaphor?
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There's 'slow burner' and then there's this fucking boring shite, has anything even fucking happened yet?
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Akane's Popsicle, hobby and bf are now belong to Chinatsu.

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ITT females with good personalities
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Season 3 when?
>To young being a Biggest Whore Slut
>Hypocrite about her definition about love
>Jealous Bitch
are good qualities about personality, No
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Why only fucking 8 minutes? Rin was the only one reason to see this garbage

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