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Only a day or two left until spoilers.
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Touma needs to step up his bullying game if he wants to get Mina. He only managed to bully Fran this time.
I want to fuck that AI
Someone in the previous thread mentioned the Railgun SS will take place in NT. Is it true?

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just recently saw this. it was decent.
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Best scene in entire anime. Don't expect the rest to come anywhere near this quality.
>hides shitty animations
>hides horrible facial animations
>hides boring as brick plot
>hides piss poor characterization
>hides artificial and under-developed stakes.
I was great as a standalone movie
not so great if you consider it as a movie based on the blam! manga

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Subaru finally has a temporary respite from suffering

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Every Rem until thread wakes up.
Who has the second page to this?
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Every thread until Rem wakes up.
watch the anime and liked it but tried the manga and got confused is the show ahead of the manga i know it originally was a novel but when i go to kiss manga theirs like 3 re zero manga's

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Why is Goku such a shit father?
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Because he has a shit son
It runs in the Son family
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Fuck off. Goku is beautiful.

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When they know EMA donĀ“t sell.
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Endgame right here, brothers.
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Endgame right here, brothers.
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PS a best.

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>Boruto tells Naruto about the eye
>Hyuuga story time with Hiashi
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fuck does that even mean?
isn't that the tenseigan from "the last" movie? or is pierrot just recycling shit at this point so they reused the same effect.

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edgy trash
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I prefer this douchebag to DS.

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Last threads: >>157544847

Our main goal right now should be to compare the characters with the other ones in the same line/column and see if they fit there.
Any requests to move a character around will be considered but please use arguments and if nobody disagrees, it will be done.

If you have a better pic for a character, post it and I'll change

We can finish it today, I believe in you guys
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>Pick a character
>Do they suffer more than the character below but less than the character above?
>Do they deserve it more than the character to the left but less than the character to the right?
>If yes to both, character is placed correctly in relation with its neighbors
>If not, change accordingly

Then keep going until the chart starts making sense. Ideally, considering characters belong to different genres, suffering would be relative to the character and should be valued on how much of a big deal it is for him/her
Switch Eva Heinemann with Angelo Lagusa
Anyone against this?

Btw guys we have 6 slots left, any character with high deserve/suffering could fit in

Riel is a good girl.
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Re=L is cute!

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Celica a best. A BEST.
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Guidebook Vol. 3 soon. Stage show soon. Season 2, also soon? It's up to fate to decide.
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We have to wait at least 500 more days for S2
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But it's already been over a month.
These things, they take time.

Why doesn't U7 have qt Saiyan waifus?
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Wait for being close to the bump limit waifu faggot, how many times do we need to fucking scold you?
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Broly GOD.jpg
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How powerful will BROLY GOD be?


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Bros before Selesia
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I want to marry a magical girl!
I sure am glad none of my OC has ever come to life.
That would be seriously embarrassing.
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I wouldn't mind it if they were this cute.

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Spoilers tonight. Whose ready for it?
32 x 73
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End game right here, bros
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Sanji is belongs to her

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Why is the animation so mediocre? Aren't movies supposed to have higher budgets for better and more animators?
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Spent all budget on animating sign language, realised too late, had to make do with what budget was left, still not enough, scraped the piggybank for fawnsee shaders and blurry shit.
As a person who knows a lot of deaf people, I really appreciated the movie
I don't

Shouko was a loathsome, groveling punching bag.

Pretty counter productive as far as making a deaf character that's didn't seem helpless and a burden on others. Which is really most of what she was in the end.

I good character. But not one that deaf people could be proud of, I think.

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Will 3D anime ever not look like complete fucking arse?
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Look at Blame and Kimononono friends
>3D anime
Why would you want this?
Stylised ones will age far better than realistic looking ones

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