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how do you deal with degenerate doujins of your waifu?

do you simply ignore or just don't mind them?
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1. Fap
2. Feel guilty
3. ???
4. Kill yourself
>mfw they don't exist
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Haven't found a degenerate doujin if her yet so I'm pretty happy

I don't get it.

Why won't she just call the cops?
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Deep down, she wants it.
She loves it
>when you call the cops and the fat old cop who comes to check up on the situation pulls his cock out and tells you to suck it, too

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>he doesn't want to fuck his sister
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Wait what?
I don't have a sister.
>tfw no panties to fap to anymore since sister moved out

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What would your Nen be like, assuming Hisoka's categorization according to one's personality is accurate?
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I am, regrettably, a transmuter.
Probably Manipulation.
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Did you praise Him today?
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Praised be the cutest vampire ever!
Pull your pants up

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How edgy is too edgy for you /a/?
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Murder for the lulz.
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I just finished reading Billy Bat the other day and I gotta say, that ending was pretty damn anti-climatic. Not only that, I finished I Am a Hero only a month before and that ending blue-balled me even worse. So I gotta ask, are there any other seemingly "good" manga with really sub-par endings? I'm just tired of getting invested in a story only to have my enthusiasm ripped from me with the finale. Particularly, anything that ends on an incredibly vague note and leaves a huge amount of unfinished plot-threads.
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Koe no Katachi
most manga have shitty endings

I seriously considered killing myself after finishing it, *just because* of how fucking bad it was. The first third of the manga seems like it's leading somewhere, the second third makes you begin to strongly question that implication, and the final third makes you want to put a gun in your mouth for believing that you could have been so easily tricked into reading something so poorly written and constructed.

Do not ever read this manga, no matter who recommends it to you or what they tell you about it, or even if a gun is being held to your head against the condition of you reading it.

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Bonus points for not just implied.
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Tusk is a one lucky motherfucker. Fucked the best female protagonist in anime.
I think we were referring to the prison rape

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Anime is dying
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>Fujo and idol shit at the top

Do the Japanese get tired of having taste that shitty
Anime is doing better than ever.
These are horrible sales.
And if you count all anime that broke manabi line you would probably only double the number.

Anime doesn't sell anymore, it really is dying.

Which New Game would be the best fuck?
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The smug christmas cake.
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I want to doubleteam Hajime with a friend.
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Time for the monthly dose of an extremely thirsty Gyaru and cooking antics
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Oregairu X Webpon

Volume 12 never
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What is this, merch?
Just fucking make it stop already. I wish they would stop teasing.

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>Griffith did nothing wrong
But... the rape. Was the rape really necessary?
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Rape is always necessary.

Don't forget what he did before the rape.
Griffith is a hypocrite and did everything wrong

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Samon 82
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pirating a waifu.webm
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How badly is piracy hurting anime? are there any concrete numbers?
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>something you can watch on tv for free
Might as well complain about anything that lets you record tv shows.
2 is a concrete number.
It's even helping anime, a lot of people I know that buy merch pirate their anime and wouldn't even know what anime is if shitty pirate sites like kissanime didn't exist

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