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Story time.
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Everyone loves Nico
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Umi is the cutest WAIFU
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Nice taste, Umi is on my top five
But Kotori-chan takes it for me
Yeah Kotori's beautiful and always quite, I love her personality

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incomplete pls no bully.png
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How do you guys organize your libraries?

I personally use a database and store them on a fileserver.
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>/a/ - Anime & Manga
I just have a folder called Anime on my graveyard hdd, series that I watched through and want to keep have a $ in front of their name. I mostly delete everything after I've watched it though.
What's up, Samuel?

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Is Boruto any good? I'm 6 episodes deep and it's not clinging for me. Is the writing weaker? To me it just feels really fan service-y. Will it pick up momentum and maybe mature a little story wise?
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Stop pretending that you have standards, narutard.
fucking hell this character design is such an ungodly clusterfuck

look at it look at this mess
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Because he's got a scar and his eye powerup now.
His actual design in the anime as of right now is a lot simpler.

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"It's Spring again."
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>It's Spring again.

Don't make me remember that ending.
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Which ending do you think they will go with for the movies?
should I leave this thread immediately if I'm only on the Fate route and don't want to be spoiled?

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What is the most you've done for your waifu?
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Scream her name while masturbating.
Bought goods bearing her likeness
Masturbated while screaming her name

Which movie was better?
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Yamada wins by a huge margin over Shinkai.
>Kimi no Na wa
Obnoxious music insertion, amv tier storytelling, sensationalist garbage dependent on muh earthquake incident, 1-dimensional characters, nonsensical plot, mediocre character animation, half-baked thematic delivery, hackneyed dialogue. Overall it's pretty much the worst anime film of the decade
>Koe no Katachi
Great storytelling, very delicate direction, careful use of sound mixing, complex imagery, actually grounded and realistic except for that one moment, memorable characters, meaningful themes, meticulous character acting. 2016 AOTY.

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2nd best girl is back!
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will she also get another not manaka as a consolation prize for shit ending and writing kawashita?

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>This is a Japanese salary man.
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I want to rape this salaryman until she wishes God was real!
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She's a devoted soldier for her fatherland. She doesn't deserve ill treatment.
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What a cute middle aged man.

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Ika Musume thread.
Volume 22 is now completely scanlated, let's talk about the seriss.
Favorite characters?
Favorite chapters?
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You're not serious, are you?
Just google it.

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>The fantasy action light novel series takes place on a continent ruled by chaos. The chaos breeds disaster, but the Lords of the continent have the power of "Crest" (Holy Seal) that can calm the chaos and protect the people. However, before anyone realizes it, the rulers cast aside their creed of purifying the chaos, and instead start to fight each other for each others' Crests and to gain dominion over one another. The novels center on Shirūka, an isolated mage who scorns the Lords for abandoning their creed, and a wandering knight named Theo, who is on a journey to train to one day liberate his hometown, which is under tyrannical rule. Shirūka and Theo make an everlasting oath to each other as master and servant, and work together to reform this continent dominated by wars and chaos.
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Theo Cornaro: Kentarou Kumagai (Tsuki ga Kirei)
Silka Meletis: Akari Kito (Time Bokan 24)

Director: Mamoru Hatakeyama (Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu)
Series Composition: Ryou Mizuno (Grancrest Senki original creator), Satoshi Yano (B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious sound director)
Script: Light Works
Character Design: Hiroshi Yakou (Flying Witches sound director)
Music: Yugo Kanno (Blame! Movie)
Sound Director: Yoshikatsu Iwanami (Ajin)
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Promising staff

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Is this the most realistic anime ever made?
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No, that title belongs to Paprika.
No, that title belongs to Adolescence of Utena.
No, that title belongs to Eromanga sensei.

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Bocchi is CUTE!
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KyoAni is still negotiating with Miyazaki, but it doesn't look good.

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Kid Goku GT.jpg
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>excellent pacing unlike Dragon Ball Z
>consistent animation unlike Dragon Ball Super
>fantastic world building
>the theme is consistent throughout the entire show (the abuse of Dragon Balls)
>consistent power scaling
>amazing abstract ending

Why do people hate GT?
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I want to fuck Pan!
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This is it.

This is objectively the worst taste found in /a/
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>Keeping Goku a kid throughout the series
>First saga = poor attempt to mimic Dragon Ball's feeling of adventure
>Minion "stronger than Majin Buu!"
>Pan in general
>Android 17 + Android 17 (with a trenchcoat!)=SS4
>SS4 isn't a natural progression from SS3. You can skip from SS1 to SS4 if you can control G.Oozaru
>SS4's magic pants. Also why is Goku ONLY an adult as SS4?
>Becoming Golden Oozaru because of "blutz waves" is bullshit
>Trunks was lame.
>Goten was a complete shit character
>So was Marron. Shit and useless.
>Bra, with her being the daughter of Vegeta and Saiyan heritage, never fought. Shit character.
>Uub, the second coming of Goku, was shit
>Even after fusing with Buu. Shit.
>No adult Gotenks, not like it matters because Trunks/Goten individually were ruined.
>Pan not becoming SS. But Goku Jr does.
>Piccolo was basically absent. Except when they killed him off.
>Same with Krillin
>Was Tien even in GT?
>Gohan's loss of Mystic wasn't explained
>Gohan supposedly continued training, but was completely useless
>Kid Goku's base form = SS3 Buu Saga Goku
>Despite that, Kid Goku cannot hold SS3 for a decent time
>Kid Goku beating Freeza & Cell at the same time, base form, with a stick
>SS4 Goku cannot beat Super 17, but Base Kid Goku can in one shot
>SS4 Goku cannot tank a ki blast from Omega, but Base Kid Goku can
>7 Shadow Dragons, basically only Goku fights
>GT stands for "Goku Time". Fuck everyone else.
>SS4 Vegeta was useless
>Vegeta in general was useless. Except for his body being used by a villain.
>Final villain was bland, lame, and had a boring personality and terrible design
>Terrible dub OST

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Today is the day
fresh spoilers soon
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First spoiler pic
time for more fujobutthurt

they used our pic


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