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Why is Lolinlin so cute?
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Is the animation off here or am I missing something?
Nami or Robin?

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Yuri is the purest form of _____
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Every loli should get a persona onee-chan to guide her into womanhood.
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Is there a name for this? Where a woman with a dick sexually abuses a guy dressed as a girl while they both drink semen from each other's mouths?
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With yuzuloli-san's popularity is a new age of one-loli manga finally upon us?

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Why is there so much Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka porn?
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Because chinofags are cancer.
Because my cute wives are so sexy.
Because the Gochiusas were made for SEX.

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Which K-ON would be the best fuck?
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Ritsu is far too lewd.
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I would dick Mugi until my penis fell off.

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Tomo's mad
We'll take it
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That is a lot of dialogue.
That's usually a good sign for the thread, at least.
When will we get Tomo & Akemi oyadodon?

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I know this board is all about waifu or female character you adore. However is there an opposite term, like an anti-waifu? A female character you absolutely despise with a burning passion?
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Worst girl.
Your waifu.
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Closest I can think of is trash waifu or worst girl

pic related

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Won't you have a seat, it's a cool 90 degrees Celsius.
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no ty I smoke ribs at that temperature
I thought finn saunas were naked only? Or was that german ones?
Naked only for Finns, possibly for Germans too

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rias in black bikini.jpg
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What happened to the story? it was pretty cool having a human getting some powers and combating monsters in a political backdrop. Now it's just about boobs, vaginas, and sex.
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What fucking story were you watching
Season 1 was actually really good, it's pretty much agreed that S2 was okay and S3 garbage
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yeah, gonna need to know what vol you are on and why it's not to you liking if you want to talk about this.

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Pls no



why do I keep fucking forgetting shit hits the fan in this manga EVERYTIME THINGS SEEM TO BE OKAY

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Does /a/ like airsoft!?
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No, /a/ is a bunch of fags.
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Why was she so perfect?
Literally too good for her own show
It got too serious. both the tomboy captain and the antagonist captain hypocrits you kept pushing airsoft as serious business then change their tone as soon as the MC puts in effort.

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/SNK/ sex chapter soon
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EH is canon.
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Annie is love.
Annie is life.
Annie is a miracle of the universe.
Annie may have done some things wrong, but she is still a beautiful person inside and out.
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Endgame right here, brothers.

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How can you justify liking this past age 17?
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Why do YOU think it is childish?
Face it, liking any chinese cartoons after the age of 17 kind of makes you a manchild.
>feeling the need to justify yourself

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So why do people like this show? I've tried watching it,but not only did the animation/quality suck, so did the characters and the humor that's supposed to make this a "masterpiece".

Did it simply just get a loud and obnoxious fanbase, or do people actually like this garbage?
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>only watching KonoSuba now
You sound new to /a/. Are you?
You should have found your answer as it was airing.
People like it because it's fun.
Yes, people actually like it.

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You're in high school again- except it's a same-sex boarding school at sea.

What courses do you take?
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Competitive Drowning class.
Too busy with gay sex.

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