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ITT: Smiles you couldn't protect.
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Such animal cruelty is inexcusable
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Woop woop

Yay for new time zones
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whats a tsuredure?
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[Title is 'Not a dream']

Yamane Takao
Year 2 Class 7
A timid otaku. He got a girlfriend this summer. He might die soon.
Kurihara Chiyo
Year 2 Class 7, cooking club
A nice girl. She likes Yamane-kun for his nice points and his face.

A girl who was just a friend
Up to some time ago,

Is now
My girlfriend
"S...sorry for the wait..."

"Good morning!!"

>Not new prez x yankee chapter....again


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Be honest, which Illya do you prefer?
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Honestly, I've come to love Prisma Illya more.
Illya belongs in the role of femme fatale, not cute and innocent girl.
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the one thats a SNEK

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>Mizukami's new series
Is it finally time
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>May 21 2016: Last chapter of Sengoku Youko
>May 30 2017: New Mizukami manga
I can't wait to hate every single day of the month that a new chapter hasn't come out. A year's worth of planning.
Every day.
Every month.

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HxH is back. Is something going to get axed so it can be in the magazine. Also, World Trigger never.

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It's that time of the year again.
Togashi is a hack.

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This really is a weird manga.

Its pretty rough desu, but I still like it.
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You don't have to make a thread every day you know.
This is the first time Ive made a thread about it
Well, we had a thread about it yesterday: >>157788068
Don't expect much discussion when there's no new chapter.

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Asuka is embarrassed
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Why? What have you done Anon?
What's wrong? Has she realized that she's worst girl?
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she's embarrassed because she knows everybody is thinking about how cute she is!

Akanecchi is:

>in great shape
>in a real club

Curly-kun is:

>bad at what he does
>bad at school
>in the lamest club doing the lamest thing possible

What the fuck did she even see in him from the start? How am I supposed to believe this story?
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Anything but that though. They're both socially inept as fuck. The only difference is that Akane, due to being good at sports and great looking, being part of the popular girls group who kinda carries her and makes it less obvious what she's like.
Daily reminder: nakadashi episode this Thursday

The fuck show have you been watching

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Let's dumb some Kuroneko pics to ease the pain.
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How could anyone dislike her?
She only had 5 seconds of screentime this season and is already best girl of it.
I just wish she would wear glasses more
Best girl won, deal with it.

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>Female seiyuu announces marriage
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I don't give a fuck.
Fuck off purityfag!
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This is one of the many reasons why you are a virgin OP

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Let's go to the Dark Continent together.
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GODashi finally returns to BTFO any and all mangaka in his way

DC gonna be the greatest shonen arc of all time
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Just knowing that it's right around the corner and still so far away at the same time is horrible.

I hope we get to some spider leg amputation quickly.

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Why is forced animation bullshit like this allowed? Do the animators not see how janky and unnatural this looks?
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why is her head so huge? i hate this kind of art style so much. she looks like a toddler
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forced animation.webm
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Behold, true forced animation.
Whoever made this should be hung

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Was this dropped?
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Not yet. But they will probably drop it soon.
No, it just got axed actually
wait what?

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He's a kid and he sees more crimes in a month than the entirety of Japan has in a year.
I'm amazed that his friends are both still functioning normally in their day-to.day lives AND still reacting with immense shock to every corpse they find.
haven't read /watched since 2015

needa catch up soon
>how far in are you
I'm in too deep. Ever since I got into the series a few years ago I've been in a constant cycle of rewatching it. My favorite epsidoes I've probably seen over a hundred times each.

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Naruto Thread

Who is you're favourite ninja?
Whats you're favourite Jutsu?
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Fuck off.
>Who is you're favourite ninja?
Ryu Hayabusa
>Whats you're favourite Jutsu?
Art of the Inazuma

Fuck off you ban evading Narutard.

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