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Are you ready for the age of manlets?
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Can my man even stand up in the 5ft area?
Maybe she is a giantness
She's 5'6''

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So which girl is the worst?

Re=L or Sistine?

>Re=L just randomly "kills" her senpai because of muh hurt feelings and muh random brother who randomly appears on a random beach with his murder plans

>Sistine lets her escape after she "killed" her senpai and captured her best friend
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Old hag a shit and worst girl.
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>It's another "Re=L is a bad person thread."

Re=L's entire family died to save her. She didn't kill them.

Re=L knows she can revive her entire family if she kills Lumia.

She hasn't done anything wrong.
Celica is the worst girl. She has annoying fans that shitpost and create bait threads to shit on better girls like Sisti and RieL.

What's your favorite type of censors?
Unnatural beams of light? Or objects?
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no censor best censor
Sticker of the mascot pasted in front. Because that means I can look forward to the BDs.

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>offers a voluntary contract with clearly explained terms
>never forces anyone to do anything against their will
>fully compliant with free-market principles and the NAP

Why was he a bad guy, again?
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>clearly explained terms
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>Clearly explained terms
Nobody really asked, to be fair.

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What is the best psychological anime?
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code geass is god tier

Code for "deep"shit
Very few things in this genre are worth giving a fuck sadly
Ghost in the Shell probably. Monster is good too but you clearly know that.

What music should i listen to while reading "blame!"?
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Muse - Uprising




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is a full yuir anime, you can't denial this
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Picked up, also cute loli trio
Only lesbians could possibly be degenerate enough to go anywhere near horse pussy.
What. It like you dont know it s

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>If we didn’t rearrange it, then we wouldn’t be able to present the amount of energy and charm the original A Silent Voice manga had. It’d be too much. I thought about how to capture its soul while converting it into audiovisual media. Considering the love and respect I felt towards the manga, if I didn’t first deconstruct the material to actually remake it into a single film, then I couldn’t proudly and honestly say that I adapted it into anime. My resolve towards the work and its author was strong enough that the manga might as well have been the daughter whose hand I was asking for in marriage. I faced the production every day with that level of determination.
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>There’s a term in math called a “limit” used to describe values that are not equal but are similar as they approach infinity. I thought about using that as a foothold to approach Shouya and Shouko.
Literally what on earth did she mean by this?
They will never quite fuck.
>the manga might as well have been the daughter whose hand I was asking for in marriage.
Yamada confirmed lesbian?

Saki chapter 176 leaks. More 5th place mahjong.
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Yuan seems happy for once.
8th place Usuzan
Yuan wins a hand!

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So what are you planning to watch?
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Kemono Friends 12.2
It all looks so bad, so probably only Owarimonogatari and New Game S2. Hopefully the CCS OVA is good too.
New Game, Princess Principal, Battle Girl, Jigoku Shoujo, Cheer Fruits, Teekyuu

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Leave Altair to me
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Why didn't you protect this smile though?
My wife isn't going to die!

Stop memeing!
Fuck off Alice.

It's another 'please pick this up' dump.
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Keep it original.
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A boy wanders a barren landscape in the far-flung future. He journeys from town-to-town looking for his next meal and place to sleep. People screw each other over if it means getting what amounts to a penny. Mothers abandon their children within minutes of them being born, usually leaving them to be snatched up into a child army. Children are only conceived through rape. There is not a single soul who feels warmth towards another. As long as he has been wandering the world, he felt that something was missing. He felt there must be a reason as to why other people exist with each other.

The military force that controls this land is on a search for a great weapon, known only by one name: love. Myth speaks of its power being able to conquer all and revolutionize nations. Those with the capacity for love had all died out in wars long ago, save for a few who carry on its lineage. While the boy is in a desert town, the army comes to ravage it, looking for a girl with the capacity for love. The boy, feeling an urge in his heart, finds the girl and helps her escape.

They journey the land, trying to find a way to unlock the power of love to defeat the army. Along their many stops they help people with their problems, doing things as simple as sharing food, or something grander like fending off bandits. The people they help return the favor for the first time in their lives. The kindness spreads among the villages and people start having families eventually, forming communities, and ending the constant warfare.

Twenty years in the future, the world is a much more peaceful place. The evil syndicates are long gone and the world is beginning to prosper. The boy and the girl live in a small house together, with a son and daughter. They never found out how to unlock the power of that so-called love, but they don’t see a need to now.
The South african apartheid but Nelson Mandela is a loli
I had a dream about a VN.

It's about a man whose really dedicated to his 2D waifu, so much so that he buffs up for her and studies in school so that he can provide for his waifu buy buying her merch and other stuff. After finishing a playthrough of his waifu's route in a VN, after the sex scene with the protag, he falls asleep and suddenly gets ISEKAI'D to the world of her waifu after she ended up falling for the MC of the game.

The story follows the presumably buff and smart man (aka he's alpha) NTR his waifu from the protag of the VN. And you can do that in a variety of ways (power of the dick, overpowering MC, etc.)

Is there a game that has already done this?

Would anyone have cared if she wasn't cute?
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I would.
Saucefags literally incapable of image searching, not showing their newness, and reading. Kill yourself along with the enabler.

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Linlin easily breaks Yoruru's weapon and punches him into the ground. She quickly heads towards the giants' food storage sheds to collect the Semla.

Carmel extracts her/a soul and gives life to the village's fire which makes it calm down. This was to restore peace to the village and to feed Linlin Semla.

Yoruru died there. The orphans from the Lamb's House run from the enraged giants.

A new Lamb's house is rebuilt elsewhere.

Carmel was in cahoots with the World Government. While pretending to be a nun, she would collect children and sell them to various places. She was going to sell Linlin to the government for a huge sum.

On Linlin's birthday there was a pile up of Semla to make a Croquembouche for her. She and the children were going to eat together. Linlin was so happy she couldn't see through her tears, she headed towards the Semla.

When she'd eaten the Semla and reverted back to normal, Linlin didn't see Carmel or the other kids, though she'd expected them to be there.

Flashback ends.

Linlin: Mama!!! Where did you go??
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>makeup underwater
Fucking how?
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tl;dr Big Mom is so fat she ate everyone.
every time I read 'semla' it just turns into 'smegma' in my head.

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