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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I dont like it
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I thought I wanted to do it once.

Why did Nichijou flop again?
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Because it was garbage.
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Nichijou was objectively not a flop as it has sold 7,020 copies of volume 1. It has become a long-term success for KyoAni and a cult classic over time.
A comedy anime is suppose to be funny you know.

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I guess I'm super late in watching this (the anime) but I just marathoned it and I really enjoyed it. I tried to find info on a second season but I guess that's still up in the air.

Which candidate was /a/ rooting for when the show was airing?
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Felt? Goddamn I'm surprised. I thought it would have been Emilia.
Speaking of the game, what is the consensus on it? Do the characters behave in character?

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Let's talk about Hiashi's plot to ensure an existence for his people and a future for Hyuga Children
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fuck off
I'm pissed off that the cliffhanger ended with a cop out.
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Lets not do this and talk about auntie instead.

What did she mean by this?

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Only 5 eps left. Are you excited to see Diana go full dere?
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Nope, they'll fuck around for 3 more episodes, then 25 and 26 will be nothing but hype

Hype for what; I have no fucking clue
>25 and 26
there's just 25 anon...

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how would you write down this sound?
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Chrip... chrip... chrip...
You're welcome.

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You wanted those high quality scans of chapter 125? Well too bad YJ tells you to go fuck yourself and wait for the volume release.

>125話 ※コミックスでお楽しみください
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Someone fucking buy the magazine then
The quality would be garbage
Not if we get a cleaner who isn't a retard.
What do you think they use for the digital raws? Tankoubon previews? No, it's the magazine digital raw.

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What's the first thing you notice about this image?
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What did you say? too distracted by demlegs.
bad line art
Our goddess.

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Today I will talk to my friends at /a/!

>last series you watched/read
>did you enjoy it?
>best/worst part?
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Tesagure S3
Very much so
Best was probably the blond russian girl, worst was probably the fact there wasnt enough ad-libbing parts with all the girls.
Teisou Gyakuten Sekai
Best part is when best girl go to MC's house
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Niea Under 7
Only two episodes in, but really enjoying it.
I actually really enjoy the alien otaku, she's not as annoying as I expected.

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It's time for raws.
Another canon hetero couple confirmed.
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How do we stop him?
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Let him have a break.
Let him have a Kit-Kat.
How come the girl knows when riseto works if her memory of everything also resets? From her point of view, reset NEVER works
She trusts the MC completely.

>oblivious to women
Why are the majority of male MC's always so shit? Why can't we get more mc's like pic related?
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Maybe if anime put out more assertive MCs the guys there wouldn't have trouble asking women out.
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So faggots can self insert I was very happy when episode 13 of pic related aired and all the self inserters got BTFO'd
>self inserting in anime
I understand If you do it in video games, but in anime I think is autistic and a sign of insecurity.

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Finally. I was worried I wouldnt have anyone to shitpost with
Finally we got the special, special cat.

Sharon-oneesan is so cute

Life without Megumi is so boring.
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Megumi a best.
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Nope. Utaha a best.

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