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>any other girl in any form of media kicking bigger men's asses

>this girl
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In both scenarios the only women I will accept being equal to men in fighting prowess is Major Kusanagi.
Android 18?
Nobody over the age of 18 says that, and there's no point discussing the opinions of people who can't even post on this board.

Besides, narrative choices don't matter as much as the author's ability to tell a great story.

t. autist

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Since 2009, anime has been on a downward spiral.
You want to know why Cowboy Bebop and NGE are still remembered across the world to this day? Do you want to know why people consider berserk 1997 to be a masterpiece? Do you want to know why Ghost in the Shell was so popular it got a live-action Hollywood reboot?
Because they were original. Most anime nowadays just rips off earlier series, but adds a gimmick. Little Witch Academia ripped of Magic User's Club, but it's Gainax so hurr durr it's good.
For every good anime nowadays, there are 50 pieces of shit disguised as "animation."
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Tatami Galaxy aired in 2010.
You are wrong. There were bad seasons before and there will continue to be bad ones in the future.
But even if they do not suit your personal tastes you cannot deny that good anime are currently being produced.
moeshit killed anime

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You know, 17 was already stronger than Goku when he was first introduced in the Cell Saga, why is him being able to be around god level after a decade later bad?

Frieza was able to rival gods after 4 months of training, and HE was weaker than 17.

What the fuck kinda show is this?
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>something something
>What if we took a dark VN
>something something
>COmpelte disgrace to Fate
The logical endpoint of the evolution of Nasu's hackery
A show created precisely for my dick's specifications.

ITT: Losers that had to cheat to win against the superior fighter
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For the last time, Hisoka is not a cheater

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How well does she surf?
This last season shocked dick, totally unshway. It's like kicking dead whales down the beach. I hope next season is better.
Fuck off.

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Oh shit!
You just got hit by a truck! When you wake, you find yourself in the world of the last anime you watched. Luckily you have been granted a single boon, a random superpower from this link

What happens?
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I'm fucked.
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Nice. I'm literally the harem MC.

Honestly though, these threads can be fun, but I feel as if I'm too old for this shit.
These threads seem childish, the kind of thing you'd find on your reddit or gaia or what have you, and yet they're still made. Are they made by the ages old veterans of the website, or the new children who occasionally flock here during summer's beginnings?

Point is, I wish I could get hit by a truck, but life isn't that fortunate.

Are the days of though-provoking psychological anime over? I like moeshit and happy-go-lucky shit too. But everything seems to just be moe, or an edgy harem with a male protag, and 6 big haired girls with 20 different hair colors.

Where are the Ergo Proxys, Evas, Bebops, Lains, Gunbusters? And sure some of the shows I mentioned have these traits, but they're at least doing something different with the cliches.

I'm not even saying we need an abundance, but give me ONE just ONE a season. SOMETHING.
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creative entropy-- like video games.

Taking avant garde risks has fallen below the threshold of success.

The industry has reached a natural state of fragility where innovation is just too costly.
Kado is airing this season.
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>though-provoking psychological anime

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Are you still mad?
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Tell Hasegawa how you feel
If I fuck Yukimura that makes me gay?

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>yfw tengen toppa came out 15 years ago
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More like Tengen Topless amirite
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11 year olds watching nichijou? I think not

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Imagine watching seasonal anime.

They've run out of ideas and sunk this low, my sides.
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Yeah I can't even imagine how this is gonna be.

I might be surprised though.
Anime is nothing but softcore porn these days
Can't help but be seasonal trash.

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Subs are out. Berserker armor time.
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The animation has just become even damn better.
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the music was god tier when guts came out wearing the armour

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Just think about it, someone is fapping right now to your waifu and you can't do anything against it.
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I consider it a compliment.
I too enjoy NTR
Filthy, fat penises are squirting semen all over your waifu's face. Right, it is a compliment if you are gay.

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Do you listen to music while reading manga?
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No, I read manga when listening to music

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/ourguy/ needs a haircut and a shave.

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