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Golden Kamuy Thread:

NODA Satoru is a comedic genius.
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Isn't it Kamui?
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lost it at this page
I almost want an anime
either way is fine, since it's from Japanese

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Kaban is for bullying.
I miss you all
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>no thread for a while
>suddenly two threads within a minute
Every single time.

It's happening!
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>newfags can't check the catalog
What else is new?
I just finished watching the 2011 anime and I was pretty disappointed by the ending

I realize it was just setting up for more arcs that are happening in the manga, I don't have a problem with that, I have a problem with:
Gon not introducing Killua to Ging, and Killua separating from Gon for "reasons". I know it's implied to be temporary, but I don't care; anything less than Gon and Killua opening an antique store together is a letdown.
There's no other thread in the catalogue with "Hunter" in the title

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>He doesn't watch Kemono Friends
Why do you hate fun?
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Who are you quoting?
this is /a/

where do you think we are?
>he uses Kemono Friends to shitpost instead of staying in his containment thread

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Reminder to get off /a/ if you stream anime or started watching anime after Kill la Kill aired.
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>choosing a cutoff point as generously recent as KLK
Well, prove me wrong.
Hah, I picked up anime again a season or 2 before klk began

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Poorfags can't post. Claim their waifu while all they can do is watch you take her.
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The best
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Who is your waifu, rich gentlemen? Let's see those tastes
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8 years and counting. All these fags with their seasonal waifus have been making me sick
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I've licked your wife's feet.

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Any (rich) Rembros here?
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I'm (poor) Rembros
>From interesting character to a sex doll
>Says she believes she was born for the moment she jumps to die to the whale
>20 minute love confession
>MC rejects her
>Still keeps being a sex doll
How people can say she is not a waifubait is beyond me. Fucking shit character.
it's genuine love you idiot

Are you ready for the Madman??
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So, like, great episode, right?
No, Ochako is boring.
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Why you gotta be like that man?

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Post here if you can post and make fun of the people who can't post.
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reporting in
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what's going on

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What did I just watch?

No, seriously. None of my questions were answered.
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It represents the anxiety of our present era.
Extinction and Doctor Moreau experiments?
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What's your question?

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Why do so many animes have tongue/french kisses?
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I don't think that's true
French Select all images with street signs.bread i$ a delicacy.
Because that's how people kiss when they're sexually attracted. Not that I would have any experience.

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This is my wife! Say something nice to her!
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!reh ot ecin ghihtemos yaS !efiw ym is sihT
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This is a thread for MY wife, not yours

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Considering how notable military anime, especially WWI stuff like Tanya and that one involving magical not-Tyrol have been lately, can someone explain to me why this hasn't been done yet?
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japs can't into western good stuff.
A stealth /gsg/ thread? On my /a/?

Post liquors
Probably not english translated.

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How disabled is too disabled, /a/?
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If she can't wipe herself I'm out
Both arms missing is too far. How is she supposed to give handjobs?
No cognitive functions.

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