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And so the author of Sakurasou, the man behind Tawawa and the studio that produced the Tawawa anime join forces for an original anime series.

Just Because.

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Well as long as it has Tawawa thiccness then we're good
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It's Himura Kiseki we're talking about here.
However, I notice the more slender legs in the character design.
Left looks pretty thicc all round

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*knock* *knock* *knock*
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Fuck off, I have work tomorrow.
Cum in

But its Sunday tomorrow. Are you working in Church?

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>Always wanted a Frame Arms anime
>Got Frame Arms GIRLS anime instead

I'm fucking sick of this, my fellow /m/en. Why must /a/ always get what they want?
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Raging homosexuals like you are a minority, deal with it.
It's financial suicide to pander to faggots who want to see dudes doing gay stuff, like flexing.
>I don't know what Frame Arms is

Wanting cool battle robots duking it out on each other isn't gay.
original mecha doesn't sell

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It's that time again.
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Is Yoruichi still relevant? Or has some other dame replaced her in your heart?
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All my boner was killed when I realized she's just 5'1''.
She is a guest teacher at the Academy.
Friends with Rose and asks him to tune the instruments of the Shihouin family.
Soifon buys her stuff from the RW.
Lives in SS apart from Urahara.
Are you gay.

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Is mahou shoujo supposed to touch boys this casually?

Episode 8 in less than half an hour. Get in here, cre/a/tors
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I hope Meteora gets to talk in this episode!
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I hope your dicks are prepared for best scene
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Do creations die when they are killed

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Ueno is beautiful and did nothing wrong
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All is forgiven because she's beautiful.
>People like Ueno

I bet you like 3DPD.

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No. more. fucking. Chinese. cartoons. please for the love of God
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sauce: http://enmusuyouko.com/
First they invaded football, now they're coming for our cartoons. What's next?
You're just jelly that Eleven anime is declining and can only dream of getting sponsors as massive as Tencent and McDonald's.

Chink anime is the future. Embrace it.

New info about KuMeYu: serialization start next month
Also we're getting name of MC's team in KuMeYu
楠 芽吹 from Kagawa
加賀城 雀 from Ehime
山伏 しずく frome Tokushima
弥勒 夕海子 from Kochi
国土 亜耶 from Kagawa (Miko)

And for YuYuYui, they're still saying release date will be spring on the magazine but there'll be an event about sports meeting in June. Tougou's oppai have been specially noted.

All above info come from 2ch.
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What are the names in english?
No reading given from source, wait for scan
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Probably this, need the hiragana to say for sure:
Kusunoki Mebuki
Kagajou Suzume
Yamabushi Shizuku
Miroku Yumiko
Kokudo Aya

Yumiko will be best girl, Aya sounds like she'll be best buddies with Tougou.

Can you link the thread, OP?

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Ymir a cute.
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Kidnapped, raped...is Eren the worst MC ever?
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>tfw Ymir will still live in the anime universe

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New episode soon.
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>that pic
I want to use a miniature Sagiri as an onahole.

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How can Hoshino even compete! I mean look at that perfection!
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Hoshino doesn't violently assault people with glasses.
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She is a bit one dimensional at the minute though. She needs some more development past "muh makeup" at the minute. We all know she is gonna win in the end but she should at least be more appealing than the competition.

There has to be some reason why she started attacking her. They clearly have some sort of past relationship.
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I just caught up with this. It's incredible. But there's barely any info on it around. How often does it update and when is the next chapter coming out?

Also Dorohedoro general I guess.
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I don't know.
Thinking about posting Kumiko in this thread
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you tell me.

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Anime needs more blue people
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a e s t e t h i c
We have too much blue balls anime already.

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