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So how 'bout that season 2 announcement?
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Never, it's over for good.
I can't believe it's going to be a 2 cour with all the original friends again. So happy
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He's back.
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Cheerios was right
Charioce did nothing wrong!


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daily meta thread

today's gimmick: What do the mods actually do RIGHT?
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>daily cancer thread
Ban lolis immediately.

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Misunderstood genius or senile jobber?
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Misunderstood jobber.
Bit of a cunt but he's alright. Made some good films so I'll forgive him.
Why do people misuse the word "jobber" so much?

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Why are we the greatest fanbase on /a/?
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Misery likes company
If you've convinced yourself that the show is good, then you can convince yourself of anything.
Our wife is so cute!

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Episode 8 of first season here.
The eraser head guy is just like kakashi, the hothead is just like sasuke and deku is like naruto. They're ripping off all the good shit and making it average.
Why did they give deku an OP quirk instead of making him go batman/powerless hero?
Being human has its own advantage of increasing and relying on your intelligence instead of your powers. He has no power except intelligence and he beats all demi-humans at everything. They turned deku into a mutant and ruined the story.

Do they ever show all mights backstory of how he lost?
I can only imagine that being awesome. He would be a great character to kill off.
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That some good backstory right there.
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>watching any anime adaptation ever
Deku is a hero otaku and makes up counters for every hero as a hobby. So while he has a generic punch hard move fast quirk he's more calculating than you'd expect.

Aren't those two fucking way too fucking much for middle-schoolers? What are they, sex addicts?

What is Japan trying to promote here?
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How can she even afford all those sex-encounters, let alone buying condoms/birth control pills

She pleases old men for money
I'm afraid this joke on them fucking so much is lost on me.

What minuscule detail is being exaggerated?


After Kyoani and Polygon Pictures, PA Works is also going to become monthly paid anime studio.

Checking sales of PA Works shows in recent year, i guess we can say thanks for the money supporting from Toyama government, Netflix and Amazon.
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Nice, I hope they make more original stuff.
Okay, now when are they going to get good animators? It's strange that a studio that tries to promote decent working conditions is unable to attract or train any skilled in-house animators.
But they already primarily do originals.

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These are your new Jump mangas
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They will be canned in 3-4 weeks.
>soccer manga by Yokota
Fuck yeah. It'll be more accessible than Sesuji, though I liked that one too.
Maybe we'll get an OMK cameo like the Koganeiro characters in SwP.
Soccer manga by Yokota? I'll give it a try.

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>started to watch pic related
>post-apocalyptic world
>humans are almost non-existant and robots are eating each other to survive another day
>survival of the fittest scenario
>MC is guilty of everything wrong with the world
>he just wants to die to redeem himself

Fuck this thing is depressing as hell. Does it get better?
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nope. It gets even more depressing
very depressing. still one of my favorites though
but is it worth to finish it? I am at ep 6 and the berserk mode of mc really annoys me.

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Is he the most powerful character in all of anime and manga?
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This is the most powerful character
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Does Rei have a soul? Could she even have kids if we married?
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why would you want to marry an ugly, emotionless doll?

That's why I asked if she had a soul. She's a clone, but she;s human right?
take that back

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Why don't more anime characters own cars?
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The average anime character is high school or young adult aged Japanese person. Those people do not typically own cars.
Car Graffiti JK anime when?
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Is this a real car?

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Shinka gets lonely too
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How is it even physically possible for a girl like Shinka to be single
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>165 cm (5'5")
>57 kg (126 lbs)
could you beat her in a fight /a/?
Yes but I'd let her beat me.

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Which fictional school has the best uniform?
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Bible Black

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