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Don't you agree?
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Isn't she talking about herself? Because that's exactly the way she is.
I love girls like that.

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Purest form of slutiness.
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Why are anime beings sexier than human beings? What's the trick?
Why is Nono such a slut?

General softness. All skin is generally very smooth looking. Even balls in hentai are usually very smooth looking.

If you really wanted to know.

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>Ctrl+F "3x3"
>0 results
Let's have a good old 3x3 thread.
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Hi Digi
I like fun action and comedy.
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trois fois trois.png
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I'm genuinely curious.
Nihilism renders any goals you might think of meaningless and therefore makes any action towards those goals also meaningless.
Let's face it, most of the people who are nihilistic are neets with no will or motivation to do anything that doesn't gratify them instant pleasure.
So why would a nihilist, such as himself, go great lengths out of his way to attain such incomprehensible power?
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The heart
You don't need to be heartless in order to not find motivation in anything.
Because he's a true *Hollow*.

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What does this feel like?
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Like a warm backpack.
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to be honest I think it would be lovely and warm and comforting. Unlike many 100s-year-old-lolis she seems to act her age, and I think that would come across in a very motherly/grandmotherly affectionate way.
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>tfw you will never know

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Why didn't she just cut her hand off?
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Kirigiri a shit. Sayaka a best.
Because that would make her unable to give Makoto bacon handjobs.
Because the writing in DR3 was complete shit.

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What is your favorite work of his and how young were you when you watched it?
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Totoro, don't remember, and Wind Rises, last year.
Porco Rosso, 16.

I actually got all of Miyazaki's movies up to that point bootleg from a Japanese store run by a Russian anime freak. Also Whisper of the Heart, which I consider equal to Porco.
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I honestly love them all, but I have a soft spot for Spirited Away. Pic-related is probably my favorite scene from any Ghibli work.

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Why are anime MCs such pussies now?
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>Envy of youth, where you feel you can do anything before you are forced to be a salaryman after you grow up. It's a Japanese things
>Young girls and women whom are sexually active (on the pill) also just prefer girly looking guys.
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It's just a reflection of japanese society, dude.

fuck off

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Can someone explain to me why the MC didn't take the statue onahole with him?
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Because he isn't a degenrate.
>he isn't a degenerate
Oh come off it
because he did and you are blind

you get to become your favourite anime girl but you also become one of the male characters from that anime's personal fuck pet.

Who do you become and who is your new master?
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>you also become one of the male characters from that anime's personal fuck pet.
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>pic related
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>Males are near nonexistant
>No nameable/prominent male characters
What happens

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ITT: ugliest characters.

Post them.
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>ITT: ugliest characters.
You mean beautiful characters
Pic unrelated.
OP's mom.

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>another week delay of beserker armor fight
It better have god tier animation
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What the fuck is wrong with you, why are you watching that garbage production
>It better have god tier animation
seriously hope this is bait
>why are you watching this
Because its berserk you faggot

>hope this is bait
Last episode had shit tier animation even for berserk standards and there's a 2 week gap for the next episode. Its better have really good animation if they're taking this much time
w-wait... no berserk tomorrow?

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Did you bought the geimu I asked for, onii-chan?
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I'm sorry, can you remind me of the title? I wasn't paying attention last time.
I got you battleborn
you wan pray game?

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Defend this, Miyazacucks.
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Bro-tip: every Ghibli movie since Princess Mononoke from 1997 has been done in digital. Princess Mononoke also had some CGI.
I saw that documentation, he only used it for the museum short and didn't really like it too much.

>man spends 99.999999999999999% career drawing on paper
>tries a tablet late stages of his life, pretty much could die any day now
>reeeeeee look at this hack!!!

miyazaki was right about anime and you fucking autists. i love anime too. but you pedo, fujo, waifu fags and autists destroyed the genre.

all we have is bullshit pandering, loli bait and fucking autistic MC's cause otakus like yourself are such failures at life due to your lack of hobbies; interests, shit socializing skills and self motivation so you try to live through shitty self inserts.

op, find something to live for or continue living a life of mediocrity. the choice is yours

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This has to be the best/most complete anime in the world even without the shocking parts of the series. It's so beautiful and the sheer amount of inspirational and sometimes depressing life lessons and quotes in the series is overwhelming and the humor is charming. The time flow and change speech legitimately made me depressed but the fact that it actually made me feel is amazing. It even has bonus arcs for other characters and they're amazing. I can't even put into words how amazing Clannad actually is and I'm not exaggerating. I actually feel bad for any of you who haven't watched the series.

Easily the best anime.. Easily.
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>inb4 you haven't watch that much anime OP

I've pretty much watched every popular series ever created including movies and easily over a hundred lesser known series that most people in this thread wouldn't even think about watching. Clannad is still #1
First section is excessively long and I have yet to meet a person who enjoyed every single character's arc, and the only real reason for its existance is to build the setting for the afterstory. 5/10.
The afterstory is good, but keyAIDS isn't the most creative of ideas and the ending asspull is generally looked upon unfavorably. That said, it's still very well done overall. 8/10.
Both of these points apply to both the anime and the VN, only the VN is even more excessively long in its introduction.

Wow, over a hundred series? A whole 1 0 0? You must be an anime expert holy shit.
This is how you know it's good when a person so desperately wants to shit on it but has to admit it's an 8/10 and that's with him looking for any tiny little fault he can.

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