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Best arc?
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I hate this manga so fucking much. I followed it week after week after week after week since way back when the only scanlator group that did this was KEFI because it was so good up to Varia arc. After that everything went downhill. Constant training and power ups and by the last chapter Tsuna did not fucking change even in the slightest.

A huge fucking waste of time. The only reason I kept reading was because of best girl Chrome.
silly, there's no girls in reborn
I guess compared to the others. Varia arc was just ok while the other serious arcs were shit.

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The Great Debate
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What's there to debate?
No one unironically likes Re:Monster though.
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I choose spider

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Please, no Yunyun-touching, sir.
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Why would anyone want to touch Yunyun?
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You can't stop me.

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Goblin Slayer has replaced the protagonist of the last series you watched/read.

Post results.
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Last volume ended with CG and GG literally sending Priestess to GS side. What? They put his mental health above their own happiness?
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>Boku no Pico
Oh boy!
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>manga about an autistic that is extremely driven towards one task and analyzes it heavily and amazes people with his capabilities
>this time it's about golf

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ITT: We post a plebeian anime and the patrician equivalent

Pleb: The End of Evangelion
Patrician: Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman

Pleb: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Patrician: Iczer One

Pleb: Zeta Gundam
Patrician: ZZ Gundam

Pleb: Gunbuster
Patrician: Lily CAT

Pleb: Redline
Patrician: Venus Wars

Pleb: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Patrician: Battle Royal High School

Pleb: Berserk
Patrician: Violence Jack

Pleb: Ghost in the Shell
Patrician: Grey: Digital Target

Pleb: Akira
Patrician: Genocyber

Pleb: Patlabor
Patrician: Dominion

Pleb: Cowboy Bebop
Patrician: Dirty Pair

Pleb: Hunter x Hunter
Patrician: Naruto (pre-timeskip)

Pleb: Macross Plus
Patrician: Royal Space Force: The Wings of HonnĂȘamise

Pleb: Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team
Patrician: Armor Hunter Mellowlink
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>no serial experiments lain

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What is /a/'s opinion on the anime? I have not read the light novels, but I love reading, and wouldn't mind looking into them. Are they good? Also, I have heard there is around 10x more content in the light novels for this series than in the anime. I don't want to get into spoilers here for anyone who has not seen it, even though im sure its fairly common.
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If you don't already know what /a/ thinks of Spice and Wolf then you need to lurk more.
That's my wife.

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Stopped reading this around 5 months ago. Binged to recent chapter and they still haven't gotten together.
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Anon, it's illegal in Japan to admit your love for someone else. You might end up valuing an individual person more than the salaryman system.
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>Anon, it's illegal in Japan to admit your love for someone else
This, unless it's at the very end of the series. Japanese romances end where Western romances begin.

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So is the manga actually selling worse recently or is it just a meme?
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Who cares, it's basically over.
How will subfags ever recover

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Princess Principal preview 2:

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That looks potentially badass
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Let's hope it sells better than the other 3hz originals
Easily the best show of summer. I am from the future.

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What did /a/ think of this series?
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It's the enjoyable kind of trash
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nio smile.jpg
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Only watched it for the Nio, couldn't care less for the others.
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Basically this.
>Show full of assassins trying to kill each other
>everyone survives
But I'm a hypocrite because I didn't want to see a good number of them die because they're top semen demons. Hanabusa was best girl.

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Why is Japan obsessed with loli tanned demons?
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thats not a loli
Is this translation complete?

It's loli in the anime.
I don't remember Strength being this cute or lewd.

what did he mean by this?
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>implying you wouldn't want to be inside her
Girls have five holes.
I think he was expecting her to merge into his hand rather than eat it. She took both halves of the prize (herself and Adam on his hand) and told him to fuck off because she wasn't a doll

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year of silver haired sluts.jpg
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This year, we're blessed with silver haired girls
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nephren approves.png
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Good but pic is missing nephren
I have jerked off to all of them. They're all sluts.
Especially Kanna, she takes baths in old men semen

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>She called him by his first name!
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Where I come from it's weird not to call people by their first name, if you know it. I like that, I hate creating more artificial barriers between people.
I too don't understand differences in culture.

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The problem is that she's just too good at everything.

Not only she's calm, kind smart, extremely curvy for the franchise standarts, incapable of suffering any harm, despite the most capable of doing it (both physical and mental), incredibly lucky, but most of all: she's right. It doesn't matter what is the problem, she has the answer. If she doesn't, the cards will tell her what to do.

I do like Nozomi, but the more I think about it, the more I think she's somehow also a poorly written character.

Yeah, I know, she has one episode showing a more human side of her, but that doesn't change the fact that she is too much perfect for the rest of the series.
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No bully the Nozomi on her birthday
She is also quite fat.
Ain't bullying, it's Nozomi serious discussion though.

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