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This is a thread for smiles.

post smiles
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If fanart is okay, then here's a very nice smile.
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Would kissing Sakura be considered a crime?
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Well, she is underage. But it's not a problem, you're a little girl after all.
Only on certain body parts
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What's your wish? Dengeki's asking you

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Shut up, mobileposter.
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I'm sorry. I'm just bored and wanted to type something into this thread because I'm starting to get tired but I didn't quite want to fall asleep yet. If anything maybe I'll go to sleep in a couple of minutes anyways because nothing's really going on here anyways.

Do you ever feel like sometimes you might be getting bored of people anon? I don't know why but I feel like I'm starting to relate to Mikoto more than Kuroko and I'm pretty sure it's not permanent but I just feel melancholy for whatever reason.

Out of all the pictures I have this one probably resembles how I feel the most right now.

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>Mob is gonna get NTR'd by ???

Wow. I thought dying could be the worst thing that could happen to him.
I love 2 sufffer
I honestly though ONE wouldn't touch on the subject of ??? by now

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Will there be Season 2 someday?
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no but have fun with the VN
Are there routes?
You mean Season 3? Plastic Memories was Angel beats seaaon 2

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Do you consider Phantom Blood to be good?
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I have a soft spot for it.
Phantom Blood shines when Jonathan & Dio share screentime.
It's a product of its time and it shows. That being said, it starts off very well so it has the potential to hook you in enough that you sit through the entire journey to Dio's castle which is tied with everything before Egypt in part 3 for most terribly boring sections of the series.

At least the anime adaptation is somewhat more bearable in this part.

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as she has gone through hell.
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why would anyone do that? She's a taimanin, she knew what that job meant.
you can never compare to a giant orc with a huge dick that can cum 50 times more than a human and still be hard for another 3-4 goes. unless your the descendant of a demon you probably have no chance with her

She has a lot of lust in her heart, Id take her to the Believes Lab so she can get the proper help she needs.

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>ITT: We write the plot for an anime
Takeshi was a normal high school student until...
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he got genderbended by aliens.
And the Jews appeared
Suddenly a girl falls from the sky

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Sluts were a mistake
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lots of lesbians
Otako is literally /ourgirl/
What were the looking at?
Was it ever revealed?

>ruined Tomoya's early school life
>delayed the game with her obsession with quality
>destroyed his desire to be a creator
>forced Utaha into delivering the bad news alone
>made Megumi cry

Is it possible to have Eriri as anything but worst girl at this point?
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>THK baiting
Here we go again.
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Utaha is too good for that faggot Tomoya.
>ruined Tomoya's early school life
No she didn't and it was Tomoya's decision, not Eriri's. Seriously using old bait to shitpost?
It really wasn't. They released in time.
>destroyed his desire to be a creator
Except Utaha and Megumi have equal blame in making him sad. Moot point because it didn't happen.
No. That was Utaha's decision, not something she made and demanded Utaha to do.

Are you done baiting now?

come in friends, if you have lost your waifu you are welcome here. How did you react when it happened? I had to lie down for 20 minutes when it was confirmed she died.

It saddens me to see people post as if she's still alive. it hurts bros.

Come one come all, share your feelings, be honest, no judging
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she was my waifu too, I don't understand how there can be so many monet is alivefags. it hurts the remaining ones most
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Still haven't recovered.

She's not even "dead" technically, she never existed in the first place.
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She didn't deserve the death she had, Gon is a piece of shit for killing her.

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Koe no Katachi - its a girl.png
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Was this hard to watch for you /a/? Or more just silly?

I was a bully as a kid and also got bullied so I could 100% relate.
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no i was the bully
I mean I only found out later that the shit I did was like messing people up psychologically. Were you aware of what you were doing or were you more like inadvertent like Shoya? That's what im talking about with it being hard to watch, for me at least. Sort of shame at what I used to do.
I was bullied/ganged up too but kind of fight back. Funny now I don't really hold grudge on the bullies, they are kids after all. The teacher however end up calling my parents and blame me for "unable to adjust to the class/having anger issue". Probably why I really love the scene Mashiba BTFO that dickhead teacher.

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This fucking cast, man.
PV https://youtu.be/NQ7JwVtZDfg

Aoi Yūki as Yoshiko Hanabatake
Tomokazu Sugita as Akuru Akutsu
Sayaka Harada as Sayaka Sumino
Sumire Uesaka as Public Morals Committee Chairwoman
Yōko Hikasa as Yoshie Hanabatake
Daisuke Namikawa as Dog
Taku Yashiro as Ryūichi Kurosaki
Sayaka Senbongi as Ruri Akutsu
Rina Satou as Atsuko Oshieda
M.A.O as Akane Eimura
Rena Maeda as Kii Hiragi
Yuka Iguchi as Kuroko Shiina

OP by angela
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CwDRdHWUMAEDITB.png orig.png
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>Sayaka Harada
File: 1397068169273.webm (3MB, 801x450px)Image search: [Google]
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>Aoi Yuuki
Let me guess, it'll be the same as Mangaka to Assistant-san and have exactly one joke on endless loop for twelve episodes.

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How do you win the Shinkabowl?
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you cant shes not real
You have to lay the smackdown upon her.
Annoy her about her past self.

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