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I don't remember Hinako being this big in the early episodes... they just trying to get more viewership or DVD/Blu-Ray sales or something?
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What? Hers are canon country grown titties my anon.
Country grown titties are best!
Wasn't that half the reason she won the lead role? The >9 year old liked her fat titties?

Do you even watch the show, OP?

Is this worth reading?
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Try it and find out you limp wristed faggot
Do you like
Kind of stories? That is exactly it.

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>9th June
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Looks cute. Based on a manga? I'll read the manga.
Botan or death brother.

Come suffer with us Botanfags.
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Patiently waiting.

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>dia and mari
>both interesting, multi layered characters
>dia as your ojou-sama that's secrectly a DORK
>mari as your flirty, wacky blonde who has a sweet, big sis side too
>nips hate them

>only there for the eye candy
>nips love her

why is this allowed?
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I'm no Kanan fan but Mari and Dia weren't that much better as character either.
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Honestly, the third years suck as a whole in Sunshine

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What is up with the flood of moeshit shows lately? How is it possible to make a genre this bland and godawful?
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>an anime comes about that's 100% showing and virtually no telling
>"waaahh there's no plot! I hate moeshit!"
Plotfags everyone

Why is Gyaru invading all the anime and manga now? In many series there are main characters who are gyaru, or there are gals who are major secondary characters.
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They're cute, pretty and fashionable. And you can write them as not bitchy or vapid. Idealize the undesirable, Anon.
It's an effort to dispel the 'Muh purity' mentality and get japs interested in sex again. It's all to combat the plummeting birthrate and aging population.
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They actually are pure, though.

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One more week left - if it does well any chance of season 2 after?
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I'm hoping that they see enough interest generated in the US from my non-stop repeated viewings of the show on Netflix to fund a season 2.
Are there enough LNs to adapt content from?

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HAHAHAHA, the main character stumbles and accidentally does something lewd to his love interest.

That's so funny, I've never seen that happen before, this writer is a genius, hahahaha.
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It is funny
HEHE! That's my favorite. Almost as funny as when the girl becomes hysterical and punches the guy in an over-the-top manner for a misunderstanding!
The worst part about this is that it's pretty accurate to 3DPD actual behavior.

How do we stop hags from taking over anime?
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We don't. We encourage it to happen.
Spend all your anime money on shows that feature the hottest youngest women and none of that money on shows infested with older women.
>i don't spend money on anime
Then you get no voice in what gets made. Beggars can't be choosers.
That will never happen.
Japanese otakus are obsessed with muh purity and yamato nadeshiko type of girl, and they will stay like that until japanese race goes extinct.

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After years of "was he right?" and "villains who did nothing wrong" shitposts, I finally got around to watching this crap series. I expected him to have some kind of multi-faceted, complicated ideas that would provoke such controversy. But nope. Dude literally did nothing wrong.

There aren't actually people who think he's evil for fighting a revolutionary war against oppressors, right? The series even hammers it down your throat in the end with that hamfisted reveal. You're not supposed to think he's evil, they literally wrote a hero and called it a villain. Pretty lazy writing if you ask me, creates the illusion of moral ambiguity when there is none.

I seriously doubt the intelligence of /a/ sometimes to argue over such a simple conflict.
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You'd think, but there was that faggot who wrote several paragraphs worth of the virtues of submitting to authority.
>wrote a hero and called it a villain
There is where you are wrong, there was no villians nor heroes in this story, this is the argument that there is no black and white
I totally understand the virtue of submitting to authority in actual democratic society. But that's not even the situation here - Squealer was right when he said they were below slaves.

Slaves have an economic value, you don't kill your slaves because that would be burning money. While it's certainly sucks to be looked at as a product, the queerats were in a worse situation, only being allowed to exist because some magical humans feel like letting them exist.

It was completely black and white, author just called white black and black white and pretended they had a smart story.

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>Taller than the MC
>Older than the MC
>Stronger than the MC
>10/10 body

Why she is so best?
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Because >>158285210 have a thing for redheads.
Now go find some ginger to share the rest of your pathetic-sunless life with.
>Literally pointless compared to the rest of the cast

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Why do people take miyazaki fans seriously when they're all underage? (For evidence read >>58269540). They basically just measly repeat his otaku trashtalk without realizing it's satire. It's time to forgive his fanbase is it not?
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>A long time ago as a young man I was walking through Shinjuku Gyoen by my lonesome. It was a beautiful night, light sounds of the city passing by, but otherwise quiet. As I strolled throughout the park toward my apartment I heard the muffled sounds of a woman screaming, and just a few yards away from me I came across a half nude woman with two men on top of her. We briefly made eye contact and I could see a look of complete desperation in her gaze, a call for help. I kept on walking. Her muffled screams got louder as she realized that there was no hero of this story, no one to save her from the arms of the men viciously having their way with her. She was a lost cause. I knew that even if I tried to help her there was nothing I could do to stop those men. "Love Tyrant" has yet to show ANY inkling of creativity, and frankly, it has no market. Anime is that woman I couldn't help. And because of that, I'm retiring again.
I new he was pessimistic about modern Japanese Animation but this was over the top.
Learn to quote.
He's just autistic. Triangle Hearts was 14 years ago and is worse than the shit he posted.

Show me how

How are these mohawks so buff and big when food is so scarce?

How can Ken pinpoint vital points with his kicks when he has shoes on?

And most importantly, where do they get all these leather outfits from?
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Food stupid
Bump, was watching Hokuto no Ken just some minutes ago and was wondering the same thing
>How are these mohawks so buff and big when food is so scarce?
They steal food from villages

>How can Ken pinpoint vital points with his kicks when he has shoes on?
Hokuto Shinken practitioners are experts in human anatomy. They don't need to fondle their victim; they already know where to hit, in the same way you don't need to search for an opponent's eye because it's obvious at a single glance.
There is a page in the manga depicting Kenshiro's training where he hast to hit all the vital points in a dummy.

>And most importantly, where do they get all these leather outfits from?
They steal it. And not every punk in the series uses leather.

Goddammit why can't we all just have a nice Schrodinger thread? I wanna love this aryan nazi catboi to death.
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This thread might as well not exist.
>aryan nazi catboi

anime really was a mistake, huh?

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What would Jean have told Floch?
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Eren a shit.
delete this

Eren a cute.

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