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We need Naruto Kai. Just imagine the series cleared from meaningless padding, flashbacks and fillers.
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It'd still be a muddled mess
Read the fucking manga retard.

Would Nadia be as hot as she is if she wasn't a delicious brown?
I don't think so.
Little brown girls are the best.
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You decide.
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I couldn't care less if she were purple. I'd fuck those legs and coat them with semen.

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What other characters have canonically large dicks?
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Naoya Touhara

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You always fantasized about becoming billionaire and funding an anime.
Now Palmer Luckey is living your fantasy. Is it how you thought it would be like?
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>Funding Re:Zero
>Not funding a 3rd Season of BIG O

I'm disappointed.
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I'm set to inherit around 2-6m, convince me to co-produce something other than kannagi s2.

Can I please have your e-mail address? I plan on contacting you one day in relation to what you want to co-produce.

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glorious oppai.png
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They know what men really want.
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I was hoping for some DFC fanservice to balance the very average SOL parts but I guess I can just drop it at this point, oppai shit don't do much to me.
The show is shit, but they got the sag right.
dont leave my dick hanging, post moar

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s2 when?
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Fucking never.
Well never see the other because some slut got taco blasted in the first place.
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What a fucking trainwreck this was. A few months after it finished and no one even remembers it.

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Oh shit.jpg
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>Gakuto´s relationship is a mirror of jewyioshi´s relationship with Hana/Chiyo
Hana is going to become Chiyo´s clone isnt she?
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Meiko a cute.
I guess?
Meaning Hana/Slut-sempai will lose their respective bowls, it seems

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Ultimate meme.png
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A little late, but can we please talk about how much bullshit the trigun manga Vash was? He literally denied the chance of living to his brothers and sisters just to let some fuckers have an easier life, all that knife wanted was freedom from the claws of mankind, we even see how they used them to hunt their own race, what the fuck is wrong with him?
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I never read the manga but maybe he has a really hard-on for humans
I highly dont reccomend it, it gives the same sensation as a NTR.
I dont think anyone who has read that manga is still alive.

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google duh.jpg
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Watched NHK ni Youkoso! (Welcome to NHK!) recently. Then proceeded to read about it on TV Tropes, and saw that Misaki might be more of manipulative and having issues one in the manga than in anime: maybe even a yandere or having borderline personality disorder. Would like to read more about these borderline personality of her parts, and read just when things start to get more about her than Satou in the manga; not read everything from the beginning. So, on which volume do we get more about Misaki in the manga, and her inner fucked up self is shown more?
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Ignore the Manga.
Ignore the Anime.

Only the novel counts.

Anime was way too fucking censored.
>Misaki having BPD
Nah, you definetively would have seen that both in the Manga and the Anime. That would have been much more clear, since BPD is quite hard to surpress, unlike schizophrenia, for example.
You can believe me, Anon, I am diagnosed with BPD

>Ignore the Manga.
>Ignore the Anime.
>Only the novel counts.
Not OP, but why? The Anime was really, really great, maybe one of the best "mature" ones out there. What does the LN better than the other media?
>What does the LN better than the other media?
As I said, TV version was censored. they threw out a lot of the legally problematic parts.

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Welcome to almost a decade ago.
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That Anime caused me pain and sorrow and left a huge gap in my heart.
Merry Christmas

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Why aren't you reading that one actually decent Isekai yet?
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RTW cover.jpg
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Who says I'm not?
What is this, a cover for ants?
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I am.
Just waiting for next Vol

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>hot af
>likes playing vidya and getting hammered
>still single

how the fuck
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>getting hammered
Like drinking or...?
Drinking, she's probably a virgin too
sure she is.

Is it just me or Kirin is a bigger mary sue than MC-kun?

>3 years younger than MC
>can fight him 50/50
>not even using a Lux not mentioning Ogre Lux
>hints of a hidden power in her eyes
>gave AR-D more trouble than MC-kun without his super Lux
>finishes off the final boss in anime
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What's with all the Assterisk threads these past few days?
You forgot tities that don't belong on a 13 yo girl.

That's the best part.

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Lets have a Hunter x Hunter thread so we can post our rubber memes, pitou posts, and argue over Chrollo/Hisoka cheating and the general asspullery.
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o my rubber nen broke while fucking pic related how fucked am i?

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Who is the most promising upcoming director?
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Who are these people?
Define upcoming
Sayo Yamamoto is experienced, she's not upcoming by any means.

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