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Ao no flag, ch01 of another manga about all those things that anons love to hate, like wingman cucks, adolescent drama and character development.
Just leaving it here.
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>character development on the first chapter
Finally got translated? I heard it was popular
Too bad about the haircut though
>fucking idiot tells her to cut her beautiful hair
>and she fucking does it

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You can criticize it for its terrible characters, legendary asspulls or outlandish anticlimaxes, but nine times out of ten the fanbase is content to just tell you that you're too stupid to appreciate the minute, sophisticated nuances that make things like central antagonists dying to radiation poisoning off-screen and characters becoming hilariously strong without any effort true examples of excellent storytelling.
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>too stupid to appreciate the minute, sophisticated nuances

No, you're too stupid to understand the basic fucking storytelling clearly. One Piece is more your speed.
that just about sums up a hxh thread.
Glad you understand.

Now fuck off

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While you fags jerk off to cute girls we've got another trainwreck incoming.
What are your hopes, predictions and expectations?
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Wake me up when live action Tokyo Tribe 2.
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>Writer of Thor: The Dark World
>Producer of Teen Wolf
It might as well be dead on arrival.
not shit
>predictions and expectations
it's shit

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Not even a little
Forced animation always makes me laugh.

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Can we start a petition to start Nichijou Season 2?
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Sign me.
Why did Nichijou flop so hard?
It didn't have a very large fanbase in Japan. Unlike, Now

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Alright /a/, you sold me this and now I'm about to start watching it.
What should I expect from this? Moeshit? Good Moe? Feel trip? A gag series?
Was I memed into this?
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Generally, you watch the show before asking /a/ how you should feel about it
But I'm asking what should I expect from it. I literally have no idea.
Just fuckin' watch it.

Ok, I'll tell you something. References you won't get

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Ruby is super cute and I want to have sex with her.
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Is she legal though in your country?
Some areas. Where I live she is.
>anime character
>asks if she's legal
Fucking americans

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I wish more mcs would marry their harems.
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I liked this ending because it was completely nonsensical and violated so many tropes that have become sacred cows in Japanese media.
I wish harem endings in general were more common.
I love harem endings man, but I wish that, at least, more MCs would actually propose to his waifu(s).

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Have illustrations from the new volume been uploaded? Only saw a summary of the preview on the wiki. New spoilers?
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This is hands down, the worst anime I've seen.
Nobody cares about the anime, fuck off.

Here? Nothing. Threads have died since v16 release.
Hey its that guy from Bastard instructor

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Fucking bitch.jpg
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So I just saw koe no katachi and I have to say this fucking bitch is the worst fucking character.
How can any of you fuckers defend this awful abomination. I hate all of you and I hope Jesus exists just so he can throw people like her into Hell.
Fuck you, Ueno. You tried to kill best girl Nishimiya
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>Ueno thread
It's a good day.
Do you like her for any reason other than that she's cute?
She's a cool bitch.

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English scans are out.
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What's my name, /a/?
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Todo Yurika
Easily the best Aikatsu!
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The ass aikatsu.
That was Aoi.

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Hard mode: Not at the end of the series.
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Is Sangatsu no Lion a masterpiece?
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It the best shaft show by far
The manga is.
It would, if the mouths would look different.

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white v black.jpg
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Which team wins in a fight to the death?
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Entire Equine is powerful when he has backup. Team black has lots of backup. Team White is destined to lose.
Are you sure?

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