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What do these couples have in common?
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Both of them come from a shit series.
They got BTFO by Kishi & Kubo

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You can't force me.
2002 was best

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is this show underrated?
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Phantom World was picking apart terrible writing and showing the audience why it doesn't work. Phantom World is genius and the greatest deconstructive work of the decade.
Phantom flop is rated shit. Then It's well rated, since it's objectively crap.
I'd deconstruct the fairy with my dick.

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is older anime better than today's anime
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who is this semen demon?
I personally feel like the animation from anime these days pale in comparison to the animation from even the early 2000s

I'm not even talking about the animation quality or the fps I'm just talking about the basic principles of animation.

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Why can she possess such expensive climbing gear?
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Halflings are known for their thieving nature.
Pleasures foreigners for money.
Cumming inside Kokona

>the meme becomes real.
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Funny, the same thing crossed my mind
>1882 & 1883
Jesus fucking chrsit let this series die already.

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>MC is 3 hours late to a date
>It doesn't devolve into shitty drama
>MC confesses soon after he realizes his feelings.
wtf i love purityfags now.
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Shame she's bringing the drama all on her own now.
m-maybe it'll turn out different than expected.
I don't think it's her fault, based on what we've seen and the fact she was crying rivers as she turned him down. But I'm sure she will feel it's her fault and will neglect to explain everything to him so he will misunderstand™.

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It's time for more Elizabeth and the best boy.

JP pics:
Korean tl:
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So what, he is inside of Merlin? I'll never understand why Mel thought it was a good idea to not tell everyone what all the commandments can do.
He cursed Merlin and it somehow allows him to talk with Elizabeth when she tries to break it.
>Best boy saving this shitty manga again
Thanks you based Zeldris.

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Good openings wasted on shit shows. What's her name /a/?
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Crossing field was nice
First ending was good, too.
Patrician taste right here
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Shitty anime, catchy OP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_h3aXHXHK8

How long till Isekai became a genre?
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Dont know if bait.
It already is, it and MMO/VideoGame world Manga are all shit.

Here's a question though, is there a word specifically for hopelessness? Like Terraformers, Gantz, or *initially* Attack on Titan? Where there's a sort of mathematical certainty that everything can only get worse? Not quite suspense on its own.

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Out on MS. Cuck Monster soon
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Holy fuck poor Roba-chan
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Which is going to give the bigger amount of feels next year - JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: Part 5 or my Hero Academia Season 3
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I think biggest feels are gonna go to the anime-only people who'll be discovering Toga for the first time.
JoJo from Part 5 doesn't really do emotion too well, it's too quirky and random and the characters are all autists.
Code Geass 3 and Index 3 will get all the attention, especially in Japan.

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Do you think Matsuura Kanan looks super cute when she's doing girly stuff too?
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i dont think so
Matsuura Kanan thread.
rule:no posting other sunshine characters.Kanan only.
how do we fix her for the next season?

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What will hobo eren do next?
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Go into Reiner's house and talk to him peacefully about his new pacifist movement
I like you anon

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Who would win in a fight? Or would they be friends instead
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My dick.
I don't know anything about the one on the right, but the left one at full power is supposed to a pretty big deal.

Instead of assuming the left is stronger, however, I will assume that the one on the right is similarly powerful for having been compared to her.
Is Arc Arch-Type Earth or not? From the picture its normal Arc, but I'm just checking.

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