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What is she thingken?
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I should change the drapes.
>Oh man i really can't deal with taking care of a kid
>If i mess this up the world could end
>I'm just a single young woman how am i supposed to act in front of a kid?
>Am i supposed to clean up? This is where i relax after work

Is this how ping pong is supposed to be played?
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Full OST out June 28.
No this is how ping pong is supposed to be played.
>mixing red with blue stripes
>being fat
No thanks.

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Did naruto commits Three sins ?
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>I don't even understand this interest in women

But he thought Haku was hot when they met, and he had a crush on Sakura
just kishis usual shit writing. even if you dont want to include the crush on sakura for whatever reason, he still thought haku was hot in the very beginning.
One of them was actually a man and one looks like a man. Naruto wasn't lying about not having any interest in women. It's no wonder he neglected Hinata as long as he did.

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Why did they put this bombshell in a show where the target audience was obviously girls?
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Having watched the show, I honestly never felt it was targeted at fujoshit. It just seemed like a a really flashy show with a shallow but interesting plot with fanservice for men and women.
Shotgun strategy.

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Daily reminder that lolis are for hug not for fug.

All lolicons are spiritual pedophiles who should neck themselves.
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Dumping Kanna x Tooru because OP is a fag
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Who was your first best girl /a/?
Mine was Tsukiumi from Sekirei
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Ren from Elemental Gelade
Fuu was the bestest;
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Still the Best.

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/a/, /a/, guess what today is!
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wow what kind of dog is that
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How many fucking times have I told you not to shout at me when I'm trying to masturbate you flea-bitten fuckwad?
WANgetsu god dammit I JUST got it...

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This man more than deserved all the praise he's gotten. The west couldn't dare hope rival such penance.
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I'm very torn about Miyazaki.

He's an insanely skilled animator but he's been very visually conservative since his Future Boy Conan days and this gave the west a lame idea of what anime "should" look like.

He can be pretty smart but the image he tries to create for himself is obnoxious and deeply insincere. That and I feel he's legitimately gotten dumber with old age. He used to say really insightful and intelligent shit in the 80s and 90s, now he's just a smug grumpy old man devoid of any hope for the world saying retarded (the stuff about iPads) or outright malicious-sounding (his response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre) crap.

I think he was a really cool guy in his younger years but has gotten progressively less cool over time both artistically and as a person.
without a doubt the greatest living animator and director of animation

shame about the writing
What about his animation is good though? I'm not saying it's bad but animation in and of itself isn't hard now is it? It's just time consuming but virtually anyone that can draw can animate no? I'm not talking about the direction part mind you.

Any word on when this shit drops so my mood can drop as well?
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I'd drop a load in Wendy
why is the juvia doll looking at natsu like that
Triangle mouth Erza is best Erza

Guess which one will end up on 4chan
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Kid with the Vulcan 300
The one masturbating in the bush
One who is skipping school to post on 4chan.

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this can't be real how

I hope the cat is dead in the new movie.
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>new movie
After that garbage second season they're still insisting on this austimo?
Wait they're making a new movie? Is that why there's been more Chu2 threads lately?

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its time for another code geass rewatch courtesy of pizza hut
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>Paying for pizza that looks like an alien cumshot

Pizza hut is so fucking greasy, you can fucking reheat dominoes and it's less greasy
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I just had pizza with fucking banana on it what the hell.
Cornelia is best code ge-ass.

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What would be another interesting phenomenon to inflict on these guys?
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Memory swapping.

How is that different from body swapping?
Every Kyoani anime nowadays gets a second season and 3-4 movies, so my Kokoro Connect continuation when?

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Define "Genuine"
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Nao Touyama being cute = genuine.
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yui is love.webm
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the author
a genuine faggot

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