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So I've pretty much looked everywhere for more Sound of the Sky lore. About the world, the characters and the old world tech (The Takemikazuchi etc.)

I'd like to see what info others have found out about the show itself.
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woof woof

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Sansha heart.webm
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Have you all forgotten about Sansha?
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Why is Futaba so shit? she ruined the whole episode.
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Considering the manga is still being translated, no.

Shameless self promotion.
What about that new VA that did Futaba? did she land any roles after that?

The protagonist for the last anime you watched is now replaced by the man of hokuto himself.

How much does it change?
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>Kara no Kyoukai
The story never happens because the entire plot hinges on the main characters personality.
he slices chests and grows the biggest man-boobs in history of mankind
>You say I'm the Scrapped Princess?
>Killing myself will save all of humanity?
>Okay. I'll do it.

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Just finished this, where can I find more fun Yakuza based animes?

also Fujishiro is best boy
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Shitei Bouryoku Shoujo Shiomi-chan
was also pretty good
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Best girl.
If you don't think Masa-san is best boy, then you wathed it wrong. Ask for recommendations only after the rewatch.

ITT: Arcs that ruined a good series
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that isn't Majin Buu.

Dragon Ball Z would have been great if it ended with Cell Saga.
>an old enemy returns with new villains
>the sons become more powerful than their fathers.
>The rival finally gets his comeuppance
That isn't the saiyan saga anon
>Suddenly huge fucking timeskip
>Apparently Piccolo did nothing at all for all this time
>Kills Brother and then never thinks about him again
>Kills off most of the Z-fighters and starts the super irrelevancy spiral for all humans

pic not related

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images (35).jpg
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wtf I love best korea now

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Which jugemu jugemu would you gokou no surikire
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The best for me
The dumb redhead

>cynical one that pretends to be a cute airhead and likes metal

no like twofaced girls
hard to choose really, I'd jugemu jugemo p much all of them

Which of these do I read first? I already read Biscuit Hammer.
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Sengoku Youko first, since it's better to follow the release order.
Flip a coin
Spirit Circle have a better story.
Sengoku Youko have better characters.

I personally save Spirit Circle for last since it my favorite of the three but that's very subjective and always bring arguments for which people think is the best (they're all great.)

I agree with this because while i like sengoku youko better as a whole, Spirit Circles ending is much better

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Name a worse battle shounen arc than the TV version of RoF.
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The Black Star Dragon Ball saga, the Baby saga, and the Super 17 saga.
Anything from Fairy Tail, KHR and Bleach(except the Soul Society arc)
The evil dragons saga was shit too

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How did she turn out so good?
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How did she turn out so blurry?
Is that the girl from fucking Hamtaro? Loved the show when it was airing here. I think I was like 12 back then, had a huge crush on her.

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Do you honestly expect anything better?
Which PS1 game is this?
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>OP laughs at this

This is suffering

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Raphi on the front page!
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Satania as the first reply.
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thanks for the satania thread
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Satania is for bully.

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buyfag thread

be sure to read the meme buyfag.moe
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i bought japan merchandise
I'm assuming this is a GK, correct?
Who's the character?
Snoop Dogg, obviously

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Unlimited Fish Works.jpg
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I am the fin of my fish.
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every day I like it more.jpg
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Be careful when eating fish.

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