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Stop being DYEL and go lift. Or at least read a manga about cute girls lifting.
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>Intruders come to kill your mother
>You kill them
>Kids get angry at you and try to demonize you

Pitou... had a hard life
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Pitou literally never gave a fuck about his mother and considered his interests more important.
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>deliberately misrepresenting the series this hard to glorify an uncute male cate

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Convince me to watch this, /a/
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Why should I?
You should watch it
It's good.

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Why's /a/ so slow?
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Why would you want it to be fast?
Fast boards are shit.
/a/'s speed is just fine.
slow /a/ is comfy /a/

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Is there any scientific explanation why anime girls are so cute?
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Makio > Wild > Mild > Maki

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Is there a specific term or a keyword for serious loli character archetype? The kind that oftentimes has a ^ -shaped mouth and/or sleepy eyes.
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Kuudere because they act cool
Just grumpy loli.

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How do people like this shite?
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Had a good OP faggot
Because they're not tasteless faggot
Ten > Akagi > Zero > Kurosawa > Gai > Kaiji

Prove me wrong.

Post an anime without posing it.
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can of pineapples
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Anime with visual direction done right is better
No, that would be literature.
Not inherently, but the problem with anime as a medium for story telling is how expensive it is to make. This leads to producers cutting corners and making decisions that make it more palatable to the masses. Manga only has that problem to a smaller extent

Should I watch the original Gundam 0079 series or the movies?

Should I not watch any of 0079 because it's all bad?
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0079 is the best Gundam show so you should definitely watch it. Both show and movies are viable, movies cut out a few cool fights and they alter the final battle in a subtle way to make the villain not lose as hard in a part where he's supposed to be curbstomped (which I hate because its completely missing the point to appeal to the villains fanbase) but it has nicer animation and is more focused.
The 0079 movies are good and very accessible. I watched those first, then the full series a couple of years later. The series is still worth watching if you like the movies for the extra character development and world building. One thing you must watch though even if you pass on both is the OVA for Gundam: The Origin.
I'll be honest I'm already watching both, I watched the first 13 episodes and now I'm watching the first movie

I decided the series is worth watching when I skimmed through the first movie and saw they removed every trace of the "Zeon helping Earth Federation civilians" story, which isn't really plot relevant but is extremely thematically relevant.

I decided the movies are worth watching too when I noticed they fixed the scene where Kai gets scared fighting a bunch of tanks. In the TV there was a really jarring contrast between the very polished drawings of Kai freaking out inside the cockpit and the extremely rushed mecha action drawings. In the movie they made both equally polished.

I'm just curious to read other people's opinions to be fair and so I framed OP as a "should I watch" question

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wow disgusting!
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>Baka gaijn. Waito piggu has shittu taste!
Literally looks like a pig though
I guess he likes Kyouko better.

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Thoughts on this?
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It's good and I really like the use of blacks and whites in the paneling. Looks like it's close the climax.
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Give similiar vibe wth this
It's cute as fuck, and I really like the children's book vibe it gives off - always wanted to make something like this in the future.

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What now???
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Akagi is such a little piece of shit, so that's it ? You win and leave without taking the money ? You already killed him, don't disgrace him like this now
Washizu is a fantastic man and this scum just act like he's superior or something
Good thing you'll die like a piece of shit
Don't care. Did Kazuya survive in Kaiji? Are the spoilers out yet?
Scans where?

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Is Sylvie the ideal wife?
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Yes, but only if you don't lewd her TOO much.
I have an irresistible urge to give her a head pat.
>weak and sickly
>timid nervous wreck
>borderline insane mentally

Nah. She does have a bunch of positive traits though, extremely low standards being probably the most appealing one. She's happy as a clam as long as you don't outright torture her.

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will probably be fat with diabetes by 30
too ugly.
She's too autistic to make proper use of her god-given gifts.

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